Pumpkin Investigating

So it appears that after last years little fiasco we haven't traumatized The Bubb from being afraid of pumpkins (or other large squash) permanently. We got our big pumpkin set up in the kitchen to carve and Evan cut the top open and made the lid as The Bubb watched eagerly on while banging the spoons (for removing the goop). As soon as the lid was off The Bubb was IN the pumpkin. He was completely fascinated.

Even while we were trying to scoop the pumpkin innards out, he was right there.

He actually made the best helper as he didn't want any seeds or goop on the floor or on the paper bags, everything had to go back into the pumpkin. Even all the stuff in the bowl that we just scoopped out had to go back into the pumpkin.

So because we couldn't actually get anything done (although we had a very clean kitchen - I think that this was the cleanest pumpkin carving I've ever done) Evan carved it later that night.

And when The Bubb woke up this morning he went right over to inspect Evan's handy work.

I am so glad we didn't permantently damage The Bubbers from last year. Happy Halloween!!

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