Bridesmaid Dress Baby Blanket #3

Okay so maybe it is becoming 'a thing' as I got asked to make another baby blanket from a bridesmaid dress and sash. So excited about this one! The black bridesmaid dress and pink sash just lent itself perfectly to the white and black damask pattern by Riley Blake and fuchsia bubble dot minky by Shannon Fabrics.

It was so much fun pairing up the rest of the coordinating prints. I've never imagined myself as a pink, black and white girl for baby gear but I am seriously crushing on this blanket palette.

Making the blanket from the dress is pretty simple: Cut dress apart to get the maximum skirt area and then cut everything into squares. Working with the rayon/nylon/silk combo is a little more tricky but totally doable. And then just make as a normal patchwork.

The finish size is about 30x35 as I do 5 inch squares to keep everything simple in my head. The fuschia minky matched the pink sash perfectly but I really love how the pearl bracelet fabric isn't as bright but still looks so wonderful!

Okay that was probably picture overload but I just can't help myself :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week! and if interested here are the past bridesmaid dress baby blankets no. 1 and no. 2


Bridesmaid Dress Baby Blanket

A little while ago I got asked to make a baby blanket with pieces of a bridesmaid dress incorporated into it. After a discussing fabrics it was decided to use these pieces

minus the citron dumb dot in a simple square patchwork blanket. The pale lime green dress worked well with the zoology color palette and would still be bold and bright for the baby boy. Starting with the dress I got to work

and then the patchwork blanket quickly unfolded itself. Its been so long since I've had time (or a chance to actually do a patchwork) that I realized how much I love putting colors together and working on these blankets.

White minky was used on the back, I think that black made it too dark, and white is pure and simple looking and finished it off nicely.

Hope the mom and baby love it too! (and here is the other bridesmaid dress blanket that I've done now, is this becoming a thing?!)


Organic Changing Pad Covers

I love the Birch Camp Sur / Camp Modern lines that came out last fall. So I was super excited to get to make a couple of changing pad cover with them. So cute! (and btw for those that have asked, the camp sur patch will be back in stock hopefully in May)

Since I use the serger now to complete my changing pad covers, I have found that my measurements are different than what is on the tutorial I have posted, as that was pre serger and for a sewing machine only.

So if you plan to use a serger this is what I did:

For a standard changing pad you will need a piece of material 31x46 inches with 6.5-7 inch holes cut out of each corner. Use a 3/4 inch seam allowance and sew the corners together. Serge all edges starting with the corners and then finishing with the outer edge. Create a 3/4 inch casing and then string elastic through it. Sew the opening closed and you're done. (anyway these notes are more for me than for sharing as I never seem to be able to find my measurements until after I finish the project so I have to recalculate, but if my rambling helps someone else, fantastic!)

Okay off to battle FedEx :( But I hope everyone else is having  good week! and a few more shots, just couldn't help myself.

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