Water Table

We got our water table the other day, let Emmett play in it, then it poured rain later that night. Strange weather we're having. Anyway today is beautiful and sunny so we went out to play again. He loves it!

And it worked out perfectly cause he easily entertains himself splashing about without any notice to me (as I typically try to restrict the splashing and get in his way) and I get to sit in a chair with my feet in the sun reading the second Hunger Games book - I wish I could say that I wasn't completely addicted to them now...

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


This and That

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, just been busy I guess. We got some new shoes for The Bubb

but they're a little big for him (which is good) but they are a little too big so he keeps falling/tripping so I think we are going to have to get another pair (I know! so awful that I have to go baby boy shoe shopping!) We've been working on building him a cardboard house or maybe a boat. I really want to build a boat but there isn't a ton of space to put something so large. And Emmett has been obsessed with this truck book. It is good, I love that he loves books but we read it a lot.

Its been unbelievably warm and nice here lately so we've been enjoying the outside and splashing in the water

We finally got around to getting him a water table. I wanted to build one, or something similar but alas we don't have the tools/space/time to do it so we just got one on amazon. Once it arrives, hopefully Wednesday/Thursday this week I'll post pictures since some of you have been interested in what it is :)

As for the sewing front...we'll that quilt I've been "working" on has been sitting in the same pile on my table waiting to be cut. Ha! Oh well for productivity! Hope everyone had a good Earth Day and weekend :)


KONA Color Guide

So very excited to share this with you!! It just came and totally made my day (it hasn't been the best of days) but this has changed everything. Silly how little things can make you so happy sometimes :)

I am now the proud owner of the KONA color card. It has tiny samples of all the different KONA colors that are offered right now so that when I am either ordering fabric or trying to match it will be super helpful. Sorta like a PANTONE guide but for fabric! I have been trying to buy these wholesale so that I can sell them in the shop (or maybe do a giveaway, yup I've been thinking about it) but they are just not available to get that way right now. Hopefully that will change in the near future!

But here it is in all its glory!

So now that The Bubb has successfully gone down for his nap I am going to try and get started on cutting the pieces for a new quilt :)



Over the past weekend I went hunting for an old chair/bench/stool/suitcase/similar as a photoprop to take some pictures of The Bubb in. But came up empty handed. I also got a good laugh that the local thrift store was selling an IKEA Lack table for $15, when you can buy it new for $10.

I did find this pair of vases though. I looked at them and then walked around the entire store and could not forget about them so decided that I needed them. The color is just too pretty! I think that they are going to live on our dresser for now but I really want them to end up in our kitchen someday :)


Hop Hop Hippity Hop

Hope everyone had a good Easter yesterday!

We decided that Emmett should have an egg hunt. Since we don't own any plastic eggs we decided to just use the 6 that Emmett and I dyed the other day together. Evan "hid" them on the grass and then we got him his bucket and taught him how to hunt for eggs. The first one he picked up and looked at us like we were crazy. Then we got to the second egg. He promptly took out the first egg, gathered the second egg into the bucket, then put the first one back in. The 3rd and 4th eggs were the same method. All eggs out, new egg in. Repeat. But by the 5th and 6th egg he really got it and just chucked them into the bucket. But that is all we had so we stopped. Plus six eggs are really heavy to carry but he managed to take them all the way back up into our house were he proceeded to tell us that he needed to wash his hands. His new favorite activity.

We also decided to go to the zoo. They were having some sort of bunny special, but we opted to go to the children's area (aka petting zoo). He LOVED it. Absolutely no fear whatsoever. I was pretty surprised.

I also took a picture of him holding the peep I made him last year. He has grown so much!


Dyeing Easter Eggs with Food Coloring

I realize that Emmett is a little young to be doing easter egg dyeing but I couldn't help myself. I was at Trader Joe's yesterday getting milk for him and there were the eggs, sitting there looking at me. I looked at him and back at the eggs and grabbed a carton.

Last night I was looking around our house for things to do natural egg dyeing. Like this. But alas we hardly had any of those ingredients. And I wasn't about to run out to the store to get stuff for an activity that will last about 5 minutes and not even be used (yup I hate eggs - yes all kinds, hard boiled, scrambled, sliced, omelets, egg salad, etc. yuck!)

So during my searching in the pantry I found some food coloring. And thought ah-ha! This has got to work. And lo and behold on the back of the box they have instructions! Like it was meant to be. I love it when things like this happen.

So to create the dye baths, I used 1/3 cup vinegar, 20 drops of each color and then 1 1/2 cups of warm water. I made 6 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, teal and purple. I made the teal and purple by following the mixtures on the back of the box.

Then after boiling the eggs I plunked them into their baths. Emmett had a pretty good time, although there was more interest in stirring rather than looking at the eggs, but hey he stayed put through the whole thing so that was exciting :) Here is a little video, although I am mostly telling him to be gentle, but still there was no spillage and only one egg casualty.

Okay so I am having serious issues uploading this video to blogger...so...if you want to take a peak I've put it on YouTube and you can get to it here. I will keep trying to insert it later on :)

So this is how they turned out

The colors are really bright (I let them sit probably 10 mins or so) and I think the slight discoloration is probably more form imperfection on the eggs rather than the dyeing. The teal and green turned out to be pretty much the same. But I love how dark the blue one is and the purple one!

With the left over dye we did some watercolor painting

and this is how it turned out


Bright Owls Quilt

The bright owls quilt is done at last. Yeah!! And I am super excited by The Bubb's response to it too. He seems to really like it, which always makes these projects worth it. We have already played peekaboo and used it as a tent so it seems to be multifunctional besides just being a crib blanket.

The details: It is made using Alice Kennedy's Bright Owls in Lime and Bright Owls in Cream fabric. I couldn't decide between the two so I just used both! Inside is a layer of hi-loft poly batting to make it extra fluffy. It measures about 40x50inches, maybe a little less.

The quilting: I actually quilted one vertical stripe and it looked awful so I took it out. Yes I took out 50 inches of stitching. Then I hmm-hawed around for a few days and finally decided on circles. It just seemed to fit with those owl eyes.

So I found a bowl that was the porportion I wanted and traced around it, pinned around the circle and then sewed along the line. And yes I did use my walking foot. Made all the difference.

I put them randomly all over the blanket to keep the layers in place. And then I added a few along the edge to give it a little extra detail.

I think that I am most excited that it got done before he out grew it :)

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