Changing Pad Covers

Silly me in thinking that two covers would be enough for the changing table.  My philosophy for baby gear has been have as little as possible but still be functional.  But after experiencing multiple days now of both covers being in the wash at the same time, and changing the Bubb on the bare plastic mat, I opted to make another one.

I already had some yellow fleece that I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with, so I thought that this would be perfect, especially with it getting colder outside.  And I had some red flannel scraps left over from another project and well it just made sense to make some stripes!
My finished piece size was roughly 32 x 48.  I cut 8 inch squares out of the corners, sewed them together, then pinned a hem all the way around and sewed it down to put my 36 inches of elastic in.  Then I sewed the hole shut and it was finished.
Here it is all set up:
And of course I had to have some pictures with Sir Bubb testing it out for the first time!  I also noticed while taking these pictures that his room has no pictures on the walls, I really need to come up with something to hang.

Since this one went fairly easily, I made a second one. So now I have 4 covers! (hopefully that will be enough)


Morning Adventures of Batbaby

Introducing our hero, Batbaby.

Real Name: Emmett, Alternate names: Sir Bubbadoo, Sir Bubb, The Bubb, etc.
Age: 7.5 weeks
Weight*: 14 lbs
Height*: 2 ft. 
Likes: Baths, Cuddling, Sleeping, Napping, Eating, Singing Parents, BART, Car Rides, Exercising Legs, Thumbs, Windows and All Lights (especially the bare bulb).
Dislikes: Large Squash, Toucans, Tummy Time, and Burping.
* Estimates only, real measurements to be determined next week

Our Hero wakes and rises out of bed with a full hour and half of adventures ahead of him.

After having a feast of milk he gets dressed in his bat gear with a quick diaper change.

Then leaving the bat cave, he spots his enemy. The Toucan. (and sometimes blue bird).

Batbaby strikes out at the evil Toucan while trying to grab his beak. Success! Batbaby has hit his target.

He then struggles against gravity to lift his head.

After a full 20 mins of fighting evil birds, our hero needs to rest and relax by looking out the window.

Batbaby then decides to have a book read to him, while finding his favorite accessory, his thumb.

Our hero now tired from an endless amount of activities drifts away to sleep while looking at dinosaurs.

This story has been brought to you by our sponsor. Milk.


The Great Pumpkin Experiment

When we went to the pumpkin patch, we purposefully selected a really large pumpkin that we could stick the Bubb in and take some pictures.  (i actually didn't think this one up...but was TOTALLY on board). Since Halloween is next weekend and we aren't going to be around, we decided that it was time to slice and dice this pumpkin open.  Evan worked for a while at cleaning, carving, and scoping it out.

Then we fed the Bubb (optimal best mood), heated the room with a space heater to make it as warm as possible, then plunked him in.  (yes we put some towels in the bottom). And this is what happened: 

NOT a happy camper. So we took him out, put pants on him and more towels in the pumpkin, got him smiling and babbling to us, and thought okay lets try one more time.  This is what we got: 

Again, not so happy. I think the caption should read "Why am I in this pumpkin? You people are weird! So now I am going to cry".  The conclusion to this experiment is: The Bubb does not like pumpkins (or maybe just large squash?) or at least being put in them. Since we felt sorta bad for making him cry, and he was rather gooey, we put him in the bath (one of his favorite activities).

 And then we got our happy, calm, and relaxed baby back. 


Mail Call

Emmett got mail today, and not just any kind of mail. Mail from the White House!  He wasn't so sure about it at first.

Then he decided maybe it would be better if it was drooled on a bit...

Okay now its exciting!!

The President and First Lady wish him a long and happy life filled with chances to learn, ideas to explore, people to love, and dreams to fulfill.  Isn't that sweet!

And its actually embossed and on nice card stock :)

At least one person in this household gets interesting mail!


Flannel Pants for a Rainy Day

Not knowing what to do with this fabric - I was thinking maybe pieces for a blanket, pillow case, or perhaps part of a changing table mat - when it suddenly became the perfect solution to this rainy day. Flannel pants for Sir Bubb. (and lets face it, since he is so tiny, I can definitely still make something with the leftover fabric)

These were my supplies:

It was my first time using elastic or making pants for that matter and I think that they turned out rather well.  Meaning that they fit him! So its a success I think.  Plus he seems to be enjoying them quite a bit.  Such a wiggle worm today.


Freezer Paper Fun

Wanting to spruce up some plain jane onesies, I decided to try my hand at painting with freezer paper.  I have wanted a batman onesie for a while, and I didn't have a black one that I could alter (and I didn't feel like trying dye) so I opted to do a white logo on blue instead.  And I've been reading Foxtrot comics for the past few weeks (thanks to a birthday gift from my brother) and thought that it would be awesome if Emmett had a Quincy onesie as well, and decided to do green on green.

I started with the basic supplies:

I then cut out my design on the freezer paper, ironed it to the shirt and then painted:

Then I just had to peel off the freezer paper and voila - fun new onesies for the Bubb to wear!


Pacifier Clips

While we haven't gotten around to using pacifiers on the Bubb as we would prefer him to learn to comfort himself with his thumb/fist/knuckles - which is working amazing well so far - as long as he can find these things, we did try this the other day. Mostly out of curiosity and cause we thought it would be funny, over him really needing it at this moment (i.e. he wasn't crying).  And yes he was able to get his hand inside the back of the bottle nipple and hold it all by himself.

But we did go out and purchase a set of 2 pacifiers cause we had some outings last weekend, and people don't like to hear babies cry, so we thought we'd give them a try if needed. I really like the pacifier clips to prevent them from falling on the ground, and since we were in a rush Saturday morning, I made this really quickly to do the job.

As you can see, we'll have to cut it off in order to wash the pacifier. But that's okay cause I have now made these instead.  Since this ribbon one turned out so well, I decided why not, and ended up making three more.  I used velcro on both ends so that both the pacifier and the clip can be taken on and off (this way I only had to buy 2 suspender clips, instead of a whole bunch).

From here I made the ones that I had planned on originally.  So the principal was the same as the ribbon, except its double sided with interfacing in the middle instead of one sided like the ribbons. I also sewed velcro on both ends so that both the clip and pacifier can be removed.

And now we have 6 lovely pacifier clips.


Old Navy Finds

I wandered into Old Navy as I know they have cute, but very affordable, Halloween costumes for babies.  (and it happens to be next to the fabric store).  Typically I do avoid Old Navy cause their clothes don't fit me, but after this trip I might be back. I ended up finding this skeleton onesie for the Bubb, and I love it cause it glows in the dark!! After finding this I ended up finding some other things that I couldn't resist. And the best part is they must have been having some sale that I didn't know about cause when I got up to the cash register everything was way cheaper than marked on the tags (except the skeleton onesie). So this shopping trip was definitely a score!!!

Total trip cost: $28.49. My main splurge was the trapper hat with bear ears.  It said $12.50 and I though ugh is it worth it for him to wear for a few months, and I finally decided, yes it is.  And at the register it came in way cheaper! Yeah!! So anyway I took a picture of him in the hat. And after putting him down for his nap I realized that I didn't think to take any photos of him in the halloween costume. Oh well, I'm not waking him back up now!


A Little Halloween Cheer

Almost forgot to put out the ghost candles with all the baby craziness...can't celebrate Halloween with out them!  AND we got Emmett a costume, but more on that later.

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