We took advantage of the wonderful fall weather last Friday and decided to head to the pumpkin patch for the Bubb's first pumpkin experience.  We had seen a new place on a previous trip to Half Moon Bay, so we decided to give it a try this time.  It is way more kid friendly than the previous places we had gone (i.e. super discounted pumpkins).  But this place had chickens, "scary" displays, tractors to sit on, and very large display pumpkins to take pictures in front of. The only odd thing was that all their pumpkins were lined up so closely together you couldn't wander through them, but had to pick from the outside or send a resourceful husband assistant in to the middle.  Cause of course all the best pumpkins are in the middle...

Our pumpkin selection:

In case you were wondering about the hat he is wearing.  I made my first attempt at making a hat AND using knits. And let me tell you that knits are not yet my friend. I have much to learn.  But anyway...I cut out the hat shape, sewed right sides together, while sandwiching the "stem" in the middle of the top.  And then hand sewed the "leaf" on to it.  As a side note, while going about this, I have discovered that the Bubb's head is the size of a 9-12 month old.  It is HUGE.  16 inches. (and most likely growing as I type this)

Because of his large head, it makes it difficult to find a bear hat on etsy...either knitted or crocheted like the one below, as the hats come in newborn or 0-3 months or 3-6 months and all are too small for his head!! And I guess they assume older babies won't wear these hats, and I really wanted to get one that is a little big for him, so he can wear it for a couple of months at least.  So I might have to look into custom ordering one OR I could learn to knit or crochet but I don't know about that.

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