Take Two

With all the moving I have finally found (made) the time to start sewing orders again. Even though it is a little disrupting to the family (because we are still remodeling/moving in) it was time for me to start again as I've really missed it!

So this might look a little familiar as I made one 6 months or so ago, but I got asked to make another red, white and black quilt and couldn't resist. It is a tiny bit bigger and there are some differences but I think that it turned out even better than the first.

Still love the gray minky on the back. So excited for this new mom to get it :)

And can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving already! Crazy! I think that we are going to be making this pie again. Can't wait to have pie smells in the new house :)


Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter

Always makes my day when I get fabric in the mail. But a new line of fabric (and free!) is even better! I've liked both lines that Lotta has designed so far and this new one called Glimma is no exception.

The palette is similar to the other lines, echo and bella, so that they can coordinate easily. Here is a glimpse at what is coming this spring.

My favorites are the stripes, leaves, cross hatch and the flowers. Love the people at Windham Fabrics! and now I just have to figure out what to make with this sample pack :)


Orla Kiely Fabric

By chance while at Bed Bath and Beyond I saw this Orla Kiely bedding set. I have been looking for a while for this fabric as I really want to back a quilt with it. And I finally found it! I had to buy the whole comforter to get it but I'll cut off the ugly back fabric and then just use the beautiful leaves. So excited!

The best part is that it was on sale and I used my 20% off coupon on top of it. Score. Evan sorta shook his head at me when he saw what I was doing but didn't seem overly annoyed, I guess my projects have finally worn him down. Not sure if that is a good thing? Now I just need to make the quilt top.


Instagram Addict

Well I can safely say that I am running late to the instagram party. But I am still having a blast! I take so many pictures of The Bubb with my phone and then don't really do anything with them, and one of the things that I love most about instagram is that not only do I get to share them with family and friends (and my significant other who now commutes 2 more hours every day and misses out on more of what we are up to) but there are also a ton of applications/shops/products out there that allow you to print cool things with the photos. And I figure since I don't seem to be good about scrapbooking (about 5 years behind on that!) or creating photobooks anymore with blurb that this could be an intermediate step to actually have some pictures of my kid in my house. So I am looking at it as a win win.

If you care to follow (it is mostly going to be pics of my kid or what we are up to day to day routine type stuff) I am, of course, @sirbubbadoo

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