More Progress

Well we've been up to a few things around here lately. Most importantly I have finally figured out how I am going to quilt the owl blanket I am making Emmett. I am going to do circles! I am about a third of the way done. It goes really fast once I sit down and do it but I am easily distracted - one of the many problems of sewing in your kitchen.

But more on that later, hopefully Monday I'll show you the finished blanket and the quilting.

I also managed to get sidetracked at Target the other day and came home with three things that I didn't need or want to buy yet they wouldn't leave my cart. How lovely is this plate?

and love love love the colors of these measuring cups (plus they were on clearance. bonus!)

I also found The Bubb a easter egg collecting bucket.

I was going to do something like this or this. But I found this one in the $1 section and they had blue, red and green. He picked blue so we went with that. It is small and light weight, perfect for an 18 (I guess soon 19) month old. I think that I want to try to add his name, initial or something on it but haven't figured that part out yet. I have a week right?

We also made a Happy Birthday card for dad. Well it is more of two signs but it does its purpose.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


One of THOSE days

Yup, it is a day where nothing seems to be going right for The Bubb. We all have them. Falling, crashing, up, down, up, down, can't get comfy, hungry, not hungry, cars keep rolling off the couch, too hot, too cold, can't find babo, don't want babo, where is babo?, want babo back, etc.

Most of the morning we've looked like this

then I decided that I'd take some photos of him, cause that usually distracts him - as he wants to look at his picture on the back of the camera so very badly. (and has made it nearly impossible for me to get any shots of him lately) But by the end of the photoshot we ended up with this

is that a smile. I think it is! although he is trying not too!

and there may have been some giggling and some closet exploration

did you know that when they can't see you, you can't see them? Also The Bubb never goes to anymore effort than absolutely necessary, there is no need to open it any further

but these photos seem to have put him back to his regular bubb self so I thought I would share.

It is A L M O S T Friday. Just can't get here soon enough!


Chevron Burp Cloths

One of my projects over the weekend was to make some chevron burp cloths. I am so in love with these zigzags, if only The Bubb was super small and all spitty again. Hmm maybe I don't miss those days so much after all, I know our couch sure doesn't!

I made one of each color and couldn't help but take pictures of them. They are backed with minky

and I have some small pieces left over now that are screaming quilt quilt quilt. We'll see though. The wind is howling around here today. I don't mind the rain, hail, snow (not that we get any), lighting, etc. But I just don't like wind. Something unsettling about it I think.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


Fabric Friday?

Well it seems that I've missed a few (okay a ton) of Fridays to share my latest fabric find. But it just so happened that these lovelies came in the mail yesterday and today happens to be Friday :)

I have been eyeing these for so long now and finally just broke down and bought them. (no I didn't ask my husband first. Buy first, ask for forgiveness later). They came in a half yard bundle (otherwise I probably would have skipped the pink but I really love that one too now. I love how one of the shirts says 10 on it.

So cute. They are made by Kokka Japan and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with them (pillow, bag, little bag? apron?) they were a total impulse buy. But I love them. As soon I get The Bubb's owl quilt done maybe it will clear my mind up to get onto new things.

Also we got these fun chevron fabrics in from Riley Blake this morning. I love them all. So many ways to use them!


Modern Stripe Quilt

I had some fabrics stacked up the other day and thought how pleasing they looked together and it inspired me to make this stripe patchwork quilt.

I wasn't planning on doing it in color order but I just kept coming back to this arrangement so it seemed meant to be!

I quilted (top-stitched, whatever) along either side of the seams and along all the edges and I really like how it looks.

It is backed with minky of course, as we all know I love this stuff for babies :)

Anyway I hope everyone is having a good Thursday! I am eagerly awaiting the UPS guy to come with more fabric. So so so excited. Plus I love how The Bubb gets excited by the boxes/packages too even though they aren't for him. The opening is always followed with a bunch of  'ooooohs'. Such a silly boy :)


Hello New Iron, So Nice to Meet You

Well after a lot of research (more than I care to admit), I eventually came to the conclusion that any iron I get will either spit, leak or not heat up enough to do the job. Or it has so many watts (1800) that it will short circuit our home every single use. Which the one I am currently using (1600) already does this way too often.

Because of the heavy use that I do (or do I?) I think that I may have to treat irons as somewhat disposable after 1-2 years. As it seems that all the reviews I read (or perhaps people only review if they are unhappy) that all irons for the home have a ton of issues. But maybe if I took better care of my iron, i.e. emptied the water tank every time I stopped using it and purged it every 2 weeks as recommended then they would last longer. But really who has the time (or remembers) to do these things.

I love the other one that I have (a Rowenta), until it started leaking as it always got hot enough and never spit, etc. It was fantastic. I couldn't find that exact model again so I got this one:

And after using it for 30 mins last night I am very pleased. It is actually heavier than my old one.

Which I am taking as a good thing. Evan helped me purge it before the first use, as we are following the instructions for once, and something about standing over a sink spraying hot water out of the base just didn't sound like a job for me.

This was the best picture in the manual. I couldn't stop laughing (perhaps I need more sleep?) So I thought I would share.

My new quest though (although I don't ever see it happening) is to figure out how to afford one of these puppies, a rotary iron.


Molar Man

The Bubb has finally poked through two of his bottom molars. Hooray!

{ and yes I've inserted pictures of him playing with his newest board puzzle cause he won't hold still or open his mouth for me to take pictures of his teeth }

I know it seems silly but I am so glad that he can finally start chewing instead of gumming, as he eats too quickly and then chokes cause he can't keep up with his intake So they are here at last! and accompany them is his 4th bottom tooth up front. He's been carrying around his teething rings all morning.

But back to the puzzles.

He LOVES these things. He got 9 out of 10 his first try out of the package. I'm a pretty proud mom. But he seriously loves them. I turn them upsides down sometimes just to see if it will throw him off :)

And yes he is still in his jams at 10 in the morning. He is so cozy plus for once he hasn't spilled or excessively drooled all over them yet, which is kinda remarkable. Unfortunately I think that Babo has been taking it all this morning for him.

We ordered some other puzzles for him off of Amazon and this one (which I really wanted) was shipping 'not from amazon' so I would have to pay shipping?! So annoyed that they switch back and forth so drastically with their vendors. But when I checked back over the weekend, Amazon was now shipping them again, so didn't have to pay shipping.

I am really going to try to get some sewing accomplished during his nap as the alternative goal that I have set for myself is to clean the refrigerator. ugh. sewing wins!


Bigger Happy Camper Quilt

The bigger version of the happy camper quilt is done! Using five inch squares with some rectangles it measures 40x55 inches and is made all from organic fabrics.

The top is pieced together using the Circa 60 collection by Birch Fabrics, the back is made with organic cotton fleece by Michael Miller, and the batting is organic bamboo/cotton. I love how the fleece with the batting turned out. It is thick but super cozy at the same time. I wish I had made it for me!!

But it totally has given me some ideas for an adult sized blanket that I can use on the couch etc. while watching movies :)

Anyway, I did 2 and 4 rows of quilting alternating horizontally across the entire quilt. I think it gives the back a little more dimension this way but doesn't overpower the front.

{Thanks so much Jo for asking me to make this for you and for finding the fabric! I hope your little one(s) enjoy it!!}


Piecing. Check. Assembly. Check.

The Happy Campers Quilt has made some good progress the past day. I've finished piecing the top

and I have finished assembling it. By assembling, I mean laying out the top, batting, back and then sewing the three layers together.

From that point, I simply flip, pin and top stitch along the edge. I have to say the flipping part is my favorite of any project. It's when it actually starts to look good and all that work has paid off.

Now off to go and quilt it :) Happy Friday everyone!


Rainy Day

Its been raining here for 2 days now! I love the rain :) Especially hearing it on the roof. The Bubb however wants to go out. Out, out, out. He spent a good portion of this morning trying to put his boots on

only to figure out that one he couldn't do it, and two I wouldn't help him which meant that we were not going out into the rain. I figure if it slows this afternoon we can go get the mail or something. He then decided that maybe it'd be okay to play with his Bat Mobile. (and yes the Bat Mobile did end up going off-road into the box)

Yesterday was spent cutting and cutting and I have finally finished!

I am making another Happy Camper Quilt, but 40x55 inches this time. Just finished the layout this morning so hopefully onto the piecing this afternoon.
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