Trying to Find the Time to Sew

I have been having a really hard time lately at finding the time to sew, for myself that is. It is becoming nearly impossible and I want to make so many things. Why is it so hard to find/make the time! I have 3 patchworky type blankets in the works and a large owl comforter type blanket for The Bubb planned out. Maybe by telling you that I have these things in mind, it will hold me accountable and I will get on it :)

In the meantime though I've been making some blankets for other lovely babies. Here is one made with Echo fabric, I just love this print.

I did not want to let it go and thought about just keeping it. It is backed with organic fleece and quilted vertically to match the stripes.

A black and white giraffe blanket and pillow from Premier Prints. Love this line so much as well as the Ele prints.

Okay off to sew while I have 45 minutes left of The Bubb's nap. Here's hoping I get something accomplished rather than distracted...have a good weekend everyone!

(this pic just came from one of my customers, so lovely)

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