Iron Quest

I've had my iron (a Rowenta) for a little over a year now. And I love it. I do. It's great. However the past few months it has picked up this annoying feature of leaking water. Not spitting. Leaking. It leaks out the base and down the cord towards the electrical outlet, or sometimes leaves a huge puddle on the floor or all over the ironing board. Sigh. It is not always. Just 70% of the time. I thought it was due to the fact that I was putting in too much water, but it isn't, as I now keep the water level really low and it helps, but it is also very time consuimg cause I am constantly refilling. Anyway...I've been making it work, but after last night I've decided that I should probably look around see what else I can find.

This is what I've come up with. An Oliso of some sort. I've never used one, but look at this yellow one, isn't it pretty?!!

It also comes in blue and gray (of course priced different)

But really I am not completely convinced considering how expensive they are.

Does anyone have an iron that they love? or any suggestions? I am not opposed to another Rowenta, etc. just would prefer one that doesn't spit or leak. But I am pretty sure that the leaking does happen to various irons of all brands, just one of those things. I am not blaming Rowenta or anything like that... I use mine at least 1-2 hours every day. So it needs to be one that can withstand heavy use. More on the professional/industrial line but still pretty :) Anyway I should probably get dressed before the UPS guy arrives and gives me questioning looks as I answer the door in my jams :) Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

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  1. I had an oliso and it just didn't get hot enough. I had the blue one! I now have a Rowenta that I actually got at Costco. I think it is the 110$ one at Joanns and it was like 70 at Costco!


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