Molar Man

The Bubb has finally poked through two of his bottom molars. Hooray!

{ and yes I've inserted pictures of him playing with his newest board puzzle cause he won't hold still or open his mouth for me to take pictures of his teeth }

I know it seems silly but I am so glad that he can finally start chewing instead of gumming, as he eats too quickly and then chokes cause he can't keep up with his intake So they are here at last! and accompany them is his 4th bottom tooth up front. He's been carrying around his teething rings all morning.

But back to the puzzles.

He LOVES these things. He got 9 out of 10 his first try out of the package. I'm a pretty proud mom. But he seriously loves them. I turn them upsides down sometimes just to see if it will throw him off :)

And yes he is still in his jams at 10 in the morning. He is so cozy plus for once he hasn't spilled or excessively drooled all over them yet, which is kinda remarkable. Unfortunately I think that Babo has been taking it all this morning for him.

We ordered some other puzzles for him off of Amazon and this one (which I really wanted) was shipping 'not from amazon' so I would have to pay shipping?! So annoyed that they switch back and forth so drastically with their vendors. But when I checked back over the weekend, Amazon was now shipping them again, so didn't have to pay shipping.

I am really going to try to get some sewing accomplished during his nap as the alternative goal that I have set for myself is to clean the refrigerator. ugh. sewing wins!

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