One of THOSE days

Yup, it is a day where nothing seems to be going right for The Bubb. We all have them. Falling, crashing, up, down, up, down, can't get comfy, hungry, not hungry, cars keep rolling off the couch, too hot, too cold, can't find babo, don't want babo, where is babo?, want babo back, etc.

Most of the morning we've looked like this

then I decided that I'd take some photos of him, cause that usually distracts him - as he wants to look at his picture on the back of the camera so very badly. (and has made it nearly impossible for me to get any shots of him lately) But by the end of the photoshot we ended up with this

is that a smile. I think it is! although he is trying not too!

and there may have been some giggling and some closet exploration

did you know that when they can't see you, you can't see them? Also The Bubb never goes to anymore effort than absolutely necessary, there is no need to open it any further

but these photos seem to have put him back to his regular bubb self so I thought I would share.

It is A L M O S T Friday. Just can't get here soon enough!

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