18 Months (1.5 Years!)

My little one is now 18 months old!! Sigh. He is so big now! Okay we went to the doctor today and he is 27.2 pounds, which is in the 75th percentile, is 34.5 inches tall (long), 90th percentile, and his head is 50.5 cm, 95th percentile. So a little less bobbleheadish from last time, as his weight is catching up to the rest of him. Personally I think he weighs more than that, but whatever.

Okay. So what has he been up to? Well he is a very happy little man (aside from going to the doctor). He rarely puts up a fuss and is just really mellow over all. He loves to explore everything and is quite the helper. It seems that he likes order and can at times be quite particular. His trucks are always lined up - has to be this way. When something is dropped, even if I do it, it has to be picked up, not by me, but by him. It is not okay to leave the room unless it has been picked up or thrown in the trash. I am trying to figure out how I can put this to good use. So now I have him help me recycle. Which is fun for both of us - as it keeps him occupied.

He is amazingly good at the board puzzle games. Or maybe I am just the overly proud parent. He is just insanely good at them. And loves them too. Not too much into building right now. Puzzles and trucks. He loves to dance and spin around in circles. And his favorite activity is waving to the garbage man, yes he got this late twenties guy who is always on his cell phone to look away from his job and up three stories to see him, and gets him to wave to him every time, so stinking cute.

The Bubb is a pretty good eater. He only has 7 teeth, none of which are molars, all in the front. I feel so bad that he can't actually chew any of the food that he wants to eat. We are starting having him use a fork and spoon. He is definitely ready for them, but I don't like mess so I put it off until I thought he could handle it, and he is doing really well so far. But it seems that using a spoon is a very different motion than a fork, obviously, so it would have probably been better to start with a spork so that he can do both. He really really wants to have milk in his cereal but is way too young for this. And because he can use a fork faster than he can gum the poor food to death, he can't keep up, and sigh, loses interest. Mostly I just let him eat with his hands as that works best for everyone and I would rather have him eat than not eat because he gets frustrated.

He says quite a few words now: mama, dada, emmett, babo (baa ba), bye bye (also said as da da often with a wave, as that is who he is always leaving so he might be confused that bye bye is da da), up, down, shoes (shooos), milk (mlk), all aboard (from the train book, sounds more like singing, but he has all the syllables and intonation, al laba), airplane (dee), birdie (dee), doggie (dee) - they are starting to sound different to me - moon, love (luv), all done...I am sure I am forgetting some. I would love to add please and thank you, but that isn't happening.

Still loves the water, we've been taking swim lessons again at the community pool. Such a difference a year can make!

We are down to one nap a day, generally from 1-3. But luckily for now he is super okay with being in the pac n play. So I can set that up in the computer area and plunk him in it for about 30-45 mins (generally mid morning) and he is super content playing with his trucks and babbling at babo. So lucky. I know this won't last so I am taking advantage while I can. I think it might be working cause that used to be his nap time so he is used to some "down" time anyway.

Okay I have rambled on for probably way too long about him. But we love him so much and can't wait to see what he is up to next. Plus and I don't know how it is possible but I swear he gets cuter every day (total parent vision).


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