Hello New Iron, So Nice to Meet You

Well after a lot of research (more than I care to admit), I eventually came to the conclusion that any iron I get will either spit, leak or not heat up enough to do the job. Or it has so many watts (1800) that it will short circuit our home every single use. Which the one I am currently using (1600) already does this way too often.

Because of the heavy use that I do (or do I?) I think that I may have to treat irons as somewhat disposable after 1-2 years. As it seems that all the reviews I read (or perhaps people only review if they are unhappy) that all irons for the home have a ton of issues. But maybe if I took better care of my iron, i.e. emptied the water tank every time I stopped using it and purged it every 2 weeks as recommended then they would last longer. But really who has the time (or remembers) to do these things.

I love the other one that I have (a Rowenta), until it started leaking as it always got hot enough and never spit, etc. It was fantastic. I couldn't find that exact model again so I got this one:

And after using it for 30 mins last night I am very pleased. It is actually heavier than my old one.

Which I am taking as a good thing. Evan helped me purge it before the first use, as we are following the instructions for once, and something about standing over a sink spraying hot water out of the base just didn't sound like a job for me.

This was the best picture in the manual. I couldn't stop laughing (perhaps I need more sleep?) So I thought I would share.

My new quest though (although I don't ever see it happening) is to figure out how to afford one of these puppies, a rotary iron.

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