Baby Gripper Socks

Why is it that all the cute boy socks don't have those nifty built in grippers on the bottom? The ones that we have with them are for teeny tiny baby feet, which isn't helpful. And since the weather is cooler now and The Bubb needs some grip on all our hardwood floor for standing and assisted walking, I went through his socks and came up pretty empty handed. So off I went on my quest to find some cool boy socks. And if you know me you know I like me some socks. Particularly striped knee high socks. I can't help it, I love them. Anyway I'm sure you can see where this is headed...

So I found these really awesome socks for Emmett

but they didn't have the grippers, well 1 pair out of the 6 pack did. And during my searching on Pinterest I came across this. And I knew I wanted to do this immediately.

First thing first, I went to JoAnn and bought some Tulip brand slick dimensional paint with my super nifty 50% off coupons. But they were out of white and gray so I just decided I'll do super bright colors.

Then after washing the socks, I did a test run on an old pair of his socks. (it supposed to be clouds and rain drops)

Then I moved on to the new socks and very quickly free handed some shapes onto them. It took a little bit to get used to the paint flowing out and if I had ironed the socks flat before hand that probably would have helped a ton, as the crease down the middle was kinda annoying to paint on and around.

But anyway I came up with 5 themes (since you probably can't tell what I was trying to draw I'll share): lighting bolts, tree/acorns, The Bubb, sailboats, and foot prints.

It definitely would have been easiest to just do some dots all over and it is getting much more difficult to have him pose for me, and unfortunately he is too young to be like you can have a skittle or a sticker if you let me take your picture. Yup bribing is going to be happening.

So excited that he is finally sort of possibly interested in walking, although he still doesn't want to/not interested in standing on his own, even though he can do it. Really looking forward to trying out all these socks, sorta like new sheets on the bed.

Happy Thanksgiving week and I am looking forward to making pie, pie, pie.


Spools of Fun

When I went through my first couple spools of thread instead of throwing them out I decided to keep them as they are pretty sturdy and I thought perhaps could be useful later on.

Then I started to go through more spools and now 6 months later we have a ton, probably around 50 or so but I think many of them are under the couch and my short arms can't reach all the way back to get them. But as you may have guessed I started letting The Bubb play with them a few months ago and he loves loves loves them.

He doesn't try to eat them anymore but he loves to roll them, bang them together, stack them, put them in drawers, put them in his box, stash them under the couch etc. They have turned out to be the best toy as he can't break them, they roll, are durable, and he loves to explore the inner spokes with his little fingers.

I have thought about painting them colors or wrapping fabric around the middle portion to make them more colorful but he doesn't seem to care that they are all white right now. But THE BEST part is he will roll these around the floor for 20-30 minutes at a time without needing any attention from me and is just so happy. (it might also help that either our floor is not level or these aren't perfectly round so they roll a little on their own).

Anyway I wanted to share cause if your kids love these as much as mine does it is just the best thing ever! But you will start to find them everywhere...



Yup you can find me on Pinterest if you like :) I've been using it for a few months now and must say that I love love love it. Although you can definitely spend hours roaming around in it and then be like, oh I should really get busy with stuff :) But as the holidays approach it is just so much fun to browse.

Happy pinning! and I've added a little "follow me on pinterest" button in the right column in case you ever want to find me later on :)


Kona Solids

The first of my two boxes is finally here, yeah! I ordered both a light and a dark box of fat quarter Kona cotton solids and the light box has arrived. So pretty.

The dark is on backorder till end of December I think. Anyway they are so lovely all nestled in their box and I feel bad messing it up. And not to mention that The Bubb loves touching them, he doesn't pull them out just sorta strokes his hands on them. Silly baby.

So many ideas going through my head right now it is kinda crazy. I also got an organic fat quarter set which I am equally excited about :)


Anyway happy sewing and happy weekend :)


Pacific International Quilt Show 2011

Almost a month ago now, I went to the Pacific International Quilt show in Santa Clara. They show quilts, locally and from around the world, but they also have a lot of fabric too. Which is why I like to go as I am not a super quilter type person. But I did take some pictures of quilts and thought I would share :)

These are some of the winners and I really don't care for them too much as they just aren't my style.

This was the overall winner (I think), there were a lot of categories. This is the women who made it:

Then there was some weird ideas, clever I'll give you that, but I like my quilts to be functional.

This was done by a husband and wife team, look at that embroidery, it was hand done.

A new twist on a classic tie quilt

An elusive man spotting. Although I must say that there were more men at the show this year than I've ever seen.

I like the circle quilting on these

And this was pretty interesting

The quilts were all amazing and took an incredible amount of time and energy to make...maybe some day...but I think I am going to stick with my simple patchworks for now :) Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Little Apples Quilt

After quite a few weeks of having the Little Apples baby blanket/quilt sitting around my house in various stages I am so pleased to say that it is finally finished.

As usual, after I got the top pieced together, I thought about making binding and quilting, etc. and just went with a minky back as it is thick and warm and super soft. I went with charcoal grey minky to match the front.

I am not usually one for overly cutesy type prints but there is something just so charming about this collection.


The Woodlands by Khristian A Howell

Just wanted to share some new fabric with you that I got today! So excited about it :) It is called The Woodlands by Khristian A Howell for Anthology Fabrics, so cute. I think that some sort of quilt is definitely in order!

What always surprises me about Anthology Fabrics is that it feels so much nicer than cotton from other manufacturers, and this definitely didn't disappoint. And yes you can purchase it in my shop :)


Little Apples Blocks

I finally finished my blocks for my Little Apples Quilt. Okay so they are very very simple blocks. But they are the first time that I've made a block for quilting and we all have to start somewhere right?!

I have put three rectangles together to form a square to match up with my large squares of just single prints, then I will mix them all together. Simple, but I am happy with how it is going so far. Anyway a big thanks to my significant other for telling me to take a picture of my pattern placement before I cleaned it up last week to make some other items. Hope everyone has a good weekend :)


14 Months Old

Can it be that he is this old already? What has The Bubb been up to? Well A LOT.

He still sleeps about 12 hours every night and takes two naps during the day. Well usually two. He really needs to drop one but won't let go of the morning nap yet. I tried to keep pushing it later so it would become his afternoon nap but he would wake up too late and wouldn't sleep in the afternoon and would be on the verge of a meltdown around 5 because he hadn't slept. So I pushed the nap back up in the morning to about 9:30 and now he sleeps for about an hour and then takes another nap in the afternoon around 2 and it is pretty good for now. Please don't think that I want him to drop either nap, as I quite enjoy my time but I think he doesn't need two anymore so I'll just see how it goes.

He is still crawl crawl crawling. Everywhere and anywhere and he is really really fast. He goes sideways, backwards, etc. I have a video but I can't find the SD card that it is on right now...which makes me wonder what other pictures I am missing...

I've been trying to get him to walk but he really doesn't want to. When he does let us he really isn't using us for support at all. He walks along the couch, the furniture, bookshelves, walls, everything. But always will drop back down to crawl between the breaks.

The Bubb is really good at putting things on pegs, etc. He gets his ring stacker in order almost every time now and is so pleased with himself. He likes to put things away, well he likes to put things in drawers and boxes - which would be awesome if he actually liked to put things away when he is older, i.e. being a super clean/organized kid, but we'll see. He has found my nail polish stash in one of the bath room drawers (no we haven't child proofed this yet) and likes to look at all the bottles and colors. I told him I'd paint his nails for him but he just looks at me like I am crazy, well maybe I am.

What else. He loves being outside, the park, the beach, anywhere really. He loves to flirt with the ladies in line at the fabric store, grocery store, everywhere. And they just can't stop flirting back. He loves puppies, which I think is a weird fascination because we don't have a dog and isn't ever around them. But he has this little puppy book and loves it. When he sees dogs on TV or at the store he just starts giggling. It is strange, perhaps we will be needing to get a dog at some point? Well now that I think on it, this is also true for birds, he sees them outside his window, as they perch by the elevator and he loves them too.

He also loves the garbage man. Not the recycle, just the garbage man. He can hear that truck coming from miles away, I mean it is loud. But he hears it before we do and goes into a panic to get to the window so he can watch them dump the dumpster. Lucky for him they come 2 or 3 times a week. What I find fascinating is that the recycle comes maybe twice a week and he doesn't care about that truck. They sound pretty much the same, but he doesn't even react to it. Just the garbage truck. So funny.

The Bubb eats pretty much everything now. He has five teeth, three on top, two on the bottom. Everything we eat, he eats. He can drink really well from his sippy cup or a straw cup and it is so nice that he can feed himself. We haven't tried silverware yet as even though he seems interested, I know he will just bang them or throw them and since he is such a good eater right now I don't want to disturb that yet as he isn't ready to feed himself yet.

Yeah so The Bubb is really good. He has such a wonderful laugh and we always try to make him giggle because of it. He is such a good guy and always makes us smile when we are around him. And at the end of the day what he really loves is his  Babo (well it is really Babo's Bird but we call him Babo)

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