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Why is it that all the cute boy socks don't have those nifty built in grippers on the bottom? The ones that we have with them are for teeny tiny baby feet, which isn't helpful. And since the weather is cooler now and The Bubb needs some grip on all our hardwood floor for standing and assisted walking, I went through his socks and came up pretty empty handed. So off I went on my quest to find some cool boy socks. And if you know me you know I like me some socks. Particularly striped knee high socks. I can't help it, I love them. Anyway I'm sure you can see where this is headed...

So I found these really awesome socks for Emmett

but they didn't have the grippers, well 1 pair out of the 6 pack did. And during my searching on Pinterest I came across this. And I knew I wanted to do this immediately.

First thing first, I went to JoAnn and bought some Tulip brand slick dimensional paint with my super nifty 50% off coupons. But they were out of white and gray so I just decided I'll do super bright colors.

Then after washing the socks, I did a test run on an old pair of his socks. (it supposed to be clouds and rain drops)

Then I moved on to the new socks and very quickly free handed some shapes onto them. It took a little bit to get used to the paint flowing out and if I had ironed the socks flat before hand that probably would have helped a ton, as the crease down the middle was kinda annoying to paint on and around.

But anyway I came up with 5 themes (since you probably can't tell what I was trying to draw I'll share): lighting bolts, tree/acorns, The Bubb, sailboats, and foot prints.

It definitely would have been easiest to just do some dots all over and it is getting much more difficult to have him pose for me, and unfortunately he is too young to be like you can have a skittle or a sticker if you let me take your picture. Yup bribing is going to be happening.

So excited that he is finally sort of possibly interested in walking, although he still doesn't want to/not interested in standing on his own, even though he can do it. Really looking forward to trying out all these socks, sorta like new sheets on the bed.

Happy Thanksgiving week and I am looking forward to making pie, pie, pie.

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  1. What a great idea! I will be trying this soon as it is getting colder here in Texas!!!


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