14 Months Old

Can it be that he is this old already? What has The Bubb been up to? Well A LOT.

He still sleeps about 12 hours every night and takes two naps during the day. Well usually two. He really needs to drop one but won't let go of the morning nap yet. I tried to keep pushing it later so it would become his afternoon nap but he would wake up too late and wouldn't sleep in the afternoon and would be on the verge of a meltdown around 5 because he hadn't slept. So I pushed the nap back up in the morning to about 9:30 and now he sleeps for about an hour and then takes another nap in the afternoon around 2 and it is pretty good for now. Please don't think that I want him to drop either nap, as I quite enjoy my time but I think he doesn't need two anymore so I'll just see how it goes.

He is still crawl crawl crawling. Everywhere and anywhere and he is really really fast. He goes sideways, backwards, etc. I have a video but I can't find the SD card that it is on right now...which makes me wonder what other pictures I am missing...

I've been trying to get him to walk but he really doesn't want to. When he does let us he really isn't using us for support at all. He walks along the couch, the furniture, bookshelves, walls, everything. But always will drop back down to crawl between the breaks.

The Bubb is really good at putting things on pegs, etc. He gets his ring stacker in order almost every time now and is so pleased with himself. He likes to put things away, well he likes to put things in drawers and boxes - which would be awesome if he actually liked to put things away when he is older, i.e. being a super clean/organized kid, but we'll see. He has found my nail polish stash in one of the bath room drawers (no we haven't child proofed this yet) and likes to look at all the bottles and colors. I told him I'd paint his nails for him but he just looks at me like I am crazy, well maybe I am.

What else. He loves being outside, the park, the beach, anywhere really. He loves to flirt with the ladies in line at the fabric store, grocery store, everywhere. And they just can't stop flirting back. He loves puppies, which I think is a weird fascination because we don't have a dog and isn't ever around them. But he has this little puppy book and loves it. When he sees dogs on TV or at the store he just starts giggling. It is strange, perhaps we will be needing to get a dog at some point? Well now that I think on it, this is also true for birds, he sees them outside his window, as they perch by the elevator and he loves them too.

He also loves the garbage man. Not the recycle, just the garbage man. He can hear that truck coming from miles away, I mean it is loud. But he hears it before we do and goes into a panic to get to the window so he can watch them dump the dumpster. Lucky for him they come 2 or 3 times a week. What I find fascinating is that the recycle comes maybe twice a week and he doesn't care about that truck. They sound pretty much the same, but he doesn't even react to it. Just the garbage truck. So funny.

The Bubb eats pretty much everything now. He has five teeth, three on top, two on the bottom. Everything we eat, he eats. He can drink really well from his sippy cup or a straw cup and it is so nice that he can feed himself. We haven't tried silverware yet as even though he seems interested, I know he will just bang them or throw them and since he is such a good eater right now I don't want to disturb that yet as he isn't ready to feed himself yet.

Yeah so The Bubb is really good. He has such a wonderful laugh and we always try to make him giggle because of it. He is such a good guy and always makes us smile when we are around him. And at the end of the day what he really loves is his  Babo (well it is really Babo's Bird but we call him Babo)

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