Bella Quilt

Using the charm pack of the Bella collection by Lotta Jansdotter that I received the other week I made this baby quilt. I wanted to just feature the fabrics from the collection. I tried different grays and a few blues but nothing worked that still made the prints pop out as much as white. So I went with KONA white. I decided to have a solid bottom base of squares and then let the rest of them cascade down to them (or at least that is what I was trying to do!).

It is backed with organic cotton sherpa by Michael Miller. I prefer this material over all others for baby blanket backing and I've been hoarding the last couple of yards for Emmett since it went out of print last summer. But I was talking with my MMF rep and she told me that they are bringing back their organic line, so very excited!! and of course I ordered some so I didn't feel the need to continue to hoard the little bit I had left. Aside from the fact that I think that this material has a perfect weight to it, I love how it looks with Lotta's designs, it compliments the modern crisp feel the designs have over say a minky.

I did think about putting a pattern fabric on the back but nothing I had on hand really went with it the way that I wanted it to. I quilted it minimally. Just around the falling squares but I like the interesting pattern that it makes on the sherpa back.

So for better or worse here it is :)

Now I just need a baby girl! Ha! Hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Red White and Black Blanket

Over the weekend I finally finished the Red, White and Black blanket I've been working on. The finish size is approximately 28x36 inches (baby blanket size) and I opted to back it with gray cuddle minky. I thought about white, black or red minky but the gray just felt the best and wasn't so matchy and could show off the front a bit more.

So you've seen pictures of the front before, but I thought I would take some more anyway with it finished.

I didn't really have a plan with the patchwork organization, it just sorta came together this way. Anyway excited that it is done at last! Now off to work on the Bella quilt. And I have a plan so that is good! Always helps things speed along :) Hope everyone is having a good week!


Bella by Lotta Jansdotter

Oh my goodness! I always love days when I get fabric in the mail, but getting unexpected fabric is EVEN better. The lovely people at Windham Fabrics sent me a charm pack of all the new prints from Lotta Jansodotter's newest collection, called Bella, which is coming out this August. So. Excited.

My favorites of course are the little tulip looking ones and I love the little round circles all in a row. Reminds me of the stones that people stack randomly all over or those chunky necklaces.

I am having lots of thoughts as to what I want to make but if I do some sort of tiny block I am thinking I might finally have an excuse to try this out. But it wouldn't really feature the prints. I could always do some sort of larger quilt that features these prints but we'll see. Anyway The Bubb is almost up from his nap so time to go :)


Forest Friends

A little bit ago I received these lovely fabrics from the Happy Drawing Collection designed by Ed Emberley for Cloud9 Fabrics.

he is the guy that wrote these how to draw books:

Anyway the fabric is so so cute and I got asked to make a larger blanket (40x60) for a customer's little boy who loves orange. So we did the Forest Friends print paired with orange minky.

I also quilted it due to the larger size.

I hope he (and his mom) love it too :) I am still working on the red white and black quilt but seem to have problems lately making it a priority. But I will get there!


Quilt Top

The top is done! Yeah. It came out a little smaller than I had planned for but I think it is better this way and not too overwhelming. I know what I am going to do for the backing and quilting I just need to get going,

I've been asked to show pictures of the backs, so here is the back :)

On The Bubb front I've switched up his ball pit and put it in a box, which I actually have different plans for, and am trying to teach him colors. Or at least match colors, we'll see. At times I think he almost understands but then it seems he doesn't. Plus it gives me something to do when we are putting them back in the bag and then dumping them in the box and then back in the bag. He did this for at least 30 minutes with me and I have the feeling that Evan got a good round of it too. Silly boy.

He has also been interested in my sewing lately. I mean he always wonders what I am up to, but lately he seems to want to be part of it. So I let him sit on my lap as long as he promises not to touch anything and he is really good about it, way better than when I am on the computer and trying to type.

Although not always so smiley for Dad. Look at that face!



I only got half way done piecing the top of the quilt together yesterday, but I thought I would show a preview of the cut squares. I've gone with a red, white and black theme for the top. It has been so much fun pulling out these fabrics from my stash and putting them together. Hopefully I'll get it finished this weekend with pictures on Monday, weather permitting :) Have a great weekend!


Recently Featured

Okay so I can't help but share that my baby blankets were just featured on babble.com! I am beyond flattered and had no idea that a mega site like that even would take the time to find little-o-me. Here is the article where I am listed along with 9 other shops :) It isn't that big of a feature, as I am not actually talked about, just a product picture and my shop mentioned, but still it totally made my day!

And on a side note, I have my quilt pieces finally cut. Hooray!! I am going to try and piece it together during The Bubb's nap today and hopefully be able to share some pictures of the top pieced soon. Happy Thursday everyone!


Berry Bright

I try not to share all my custom etsy creations with you but rather things that I make for my family and friends but I just finished this lovely toddler blanket for a customer and I can't help but love it and had to share (or do you guys enjoy seeing the custom items that I make, as that is what I mostly have only had time to sew lately...)

She picked Ta Do in Berry fabric by Michael Miller backed with white minky. It is so bright and cheery. Just lovely.

The finished size measured 40x60 inches and I quilted it every 6 inches to keep the layers from separating it in the wash.

On The Bubb front, he is now 20 months, 20 months!! can you believe it?

He is one very silly boy. He loves to give hugs, hum Wheels on the Bus, spin in circles and play in the water. I think he's weighing about 30 pounds now and is pretty tall compared to other kiddos his age, not sure how tall he is, he won't hold still for me to measure but he is tall enough to reach everything that he isn't supposed to. He loves to pretend that he is on the phone, particularly with our floss dispenser and ipod nano. I don't talk on the phone that much, but he has the conversations down. "Hi!...baby babbling...buh buh...uh huh...buh buh" I have a video on my phone and am (as always) having issues getting it onto blogger. What else. He is very curious as to how everything works and is very orderly and particular. He still loves to read, play with his trucks and do puzzles. Lately he is getting pretty good at building with Duplos which I am excited about.

Unless Evan is around it is pretty impossible to take any photos of him. He loves the camera and seeing his face but won't hold still to actually let me take a picture. And unfortunately he isn't old enough to understanding bribing. But we'll get there. So this is him playing with the tape measure while I wash the dishes. And yes he played there for 25 minutes, pulling it in and out and figuring out what the black button does on it. We love him so much and this age is just the best!
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