Quilt Top

The top is done! Yeah. It came out a little smaller than I had planned for but I think it is better this way and not too overwhelming. I know what I am going to do for the backing and quilting I just need to get going,

I've been asked to show pictures of the backs, so here is the back :)

On The Bubb front I've switched up his ball pit and put it in a box, which I actually have different plans for, and am trying to teach him colors. Or at least match colors, we'll see. At times I think he almost understands but then it seems he doesn't. Plus it gives me something to do when we are putting them back in the bag and then dumping them in the box and then back in the bag. He did this for at least 30 minutes with me and I have the feeling that Evan got a good round of it too. Silly boy.

He has also been interested in my sewing lately. I mean he always wonders what I am up to, but lately he seems to want to be part of it. So I let him sit on my lap as long as he promises not to touch anything and he is really good about it, way better than when I am on the computer and trying to type.

Although not always so smiley for Dad. Look at that face!

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  1. The ball pit looks like a great color matching activity. I really want to give Maze a bucket of water beads to play with when she's older. I think that would be fun too!

    Is this quilt for your little man?


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