Little Apples

A lovely package came in the mail for me yesterday. So excited. I got the whole collection in fat quarters. Its called Little Apples by Aneela Hoey. So crazy cute.

I have gone back and forth and can't decide which print is my favorite. The little shoes, the turtles, the hedgehog, the cute little button stripes. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I just couldn't not get them.

And as a special touch they put little turtles as the color circles on the selvage. So cute.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!



Because the weather has actually started to be nice around here we've been going to the park a lot as The Bubb loves the swings. And since he isn't walking it is hard to do the other things at the playground so we mostly just swing and he is a pretty happy guy.


Jessica's Gift

Even though the newest member of my husband's family has been around for a month or so now, I finally got around to making something for her :) But better late than never right?! Being the second of two girls I decided that she probably had way too much pink so I opted to use the Lil' Plain Jane Print in the yellow and gray motif, as it is super girly but not pink!

I made one bib out of the material and then decided it needed to be paired with another one so I made a second out of the Citron Dumb Dot and added a little appliqued flower on the front. I used white snaps as I prefer snaps over Velcro and since I'm making them...

Anyway so to match the two bibs I also made a blanket. And after I got it all packaged up it was on its way. I didn't tell them that I was sending them something so hopefully it will be a good Saturday surprise. Cause who doesn't like to get things in the mail!

I hope everyone has a good weekend :)


Travel the World Patchwork

I think I might be in love. It was soooo very hard to send this off. I don't know what it is about it, the bright colors or the softness of the minky but I wanted to keep it! Which is why I thought I would share with you guys :) (there are a lot of pictures, I kinda got carried away....)

We started the whole process by matching the two Travel the World fabrics and selecting the backing

Then I cut my squares and figured out their placement. I tend to not have patterns in patchworks (does that save time having them in a repetitive order?)

Anyway I like the look of what is random but isn't, there is a slight pattern it is just hard to see :) So I finished my rows:

And then put those rows together

Put the backing on and was all finished.

I have a whole pile of fat quarters sitting around from multiple fabric collections and just haven't had time to get started, but I see them sitting there every day, looking kinda sad and neglected. I feel kinda bad for them not being used, is that strange? Probably :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Vintage Sheet into Baby Blankets and Burp Cloths

About a week ago I received this wonderful vintage Star Wars sheet in the mail. It is so awesome!

The classic scenes from the original movies are just fantastic. I had been asked to make a couple of bigger baby blankets and then a small blanket as well out of it. After washing it, measuring, discussing scene selections for the mini blanket I laid out the sheet to figure out where to cut for the three different blankets.

Then I got to cutting and sewing


And these three fun blankets were created. All are backed with bubble dot minky in either mango and brown.

It turned out that I had a few scrap pieces left over so I also made 5 burp cloths to match, but I used organic cotton sherpa for the backing instead of minky.

Now that I'm done it makes me want to go Thrift Store shopping to see if I can find any old sheets that have She-Ra or Care Bears, etc. on them. How fun would that be?


My Second Tote Bag

Ever since I made this bag I've been wanting to make another bag for months now and just haven't found made the time to make it. But I finally finished it a few days ago and am pretty excited. I used Kokka on the outside in a fun robot print (it is cotton canvas) and then I used some sort of tweed found in the men's suiting section at JoAnns for the lining.

I decided that I needed a place for my keys and phone this time, so I added a pocket to the inside. I also debated about adding a magnetic snap closure but it didn't work out with my stitching at the top, so I figure that this is an idea that I can tackle a bit later on.

The bag is a bit deeper than normal so that I can have a row of diapers, change of clothes, etc. at the bottom and then stack other stuff on top of it (I function best this way when carrying The Bubb's stuff around).

I used a braided leather strap for the handle, and installed it end to end instead of having two handles like my other bag. The handle is also a bit longer so that I can easily get into it while still having it on my shoulder.

And I boxed the corners at the bottom (I do plan on doing a tutorial for this at some point...)

So excited that it is finally finished, as now I can pack both bags differently (depending on where our outing is to) and have them both ready to go so that I can just grab The Bubb and the appropriate bag and be on our way.


Hand Print Thank You Cards

My sister-in-laws always have their kids color and put stickers on their thank you cards that they send out. I don't know if this is a normal practice that parents do, but I LOVE it. However The Bubb is a little too young still to really be able to color or put stickers on something, just give him a few months :), so I wanted to do something and decided that he could stamp his hand on them. He loves to dab his palms in mustard when eating his turkey dogs so I figured that this is sorta the same thing but not with food.

I set up a big square of packaging/butcher paper on the floor (FYI this stuff is super cheap and super nice at your local hardware store - Lowes, Home Depot, OSH, etc. Instead of going to Office Depot and paying way more for the same thing but less of it and a lesser quality). Then I placed him in the middle of it.

Sorry there are no during pictures as I couldn't figure out how to take good pictures, keep him from crawling off with ink hands or trying to eat the note cards. The steps were pretty basic. Push hand onto ink pad (the ink pad I used came with some hand print/foot print kit as a baby being born gift). Press inky hand onto thank you card. Move card out of way before he can grab it with other inky hand. He actually liked it the first couple of times and then well got distracted. So I will just share the finished product.

Then I just added a little note and sent them off.

On another exciting note I've just finished my second bag and am waiting for the fog to clear out so that I can take some pictures of it later this afternoon. So excited to share it with you :)


You Know What They Say About Big Feet...

Big Shoes! We finally got The Bubb a proper pair of shoes.

Up until now (yes his entire first year of life) he has either been barefoot or in socks, as well, I never found shoes that I liked, didn't see the point, or couldn't be bothered. But alas as he is standing so much now and when we are out in public, I feel like he needs to have shoes. You know, 'no shoes, no shirt, no service'. Although I hardly ever let him down on the ground in any store as he would just crawl away and the germ factor just is too much for me to take in. Anyway. We got him shoes. We were at Kohls spending our awesome free $10 gift card that we got in the mail. And had just picked out some new jams for him when we thought, hmmm, lets go look at shoes. And we found these. So cute.

I just can't explain how cute he is in them. We tried his foot on that mat thing and he is a size 5. That seems big to me. They are a little big on him but I figure this way they will last for you know a week or two :) Anyway we wore them today to Lowes where we were getting light bulbs. (must stock up now before they take away all the incandscent lights and replace them with awful florescent.)

Happy Monday!
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