Vintage Sheet into Baby Blankets and Burp Cloths

About a week ago I received this wonderful vintage Star Wars sheet in the mail. It is so awesome!

The classic scenes from the original movies are just fantastic. I had been asked to make a couple of bigger baby blankets and then a small blanket as well out of it. After washing it, measuring, discussing scene selections for the mini blanket I laid out the sheet to figure out where to cut for the three different blankets.

Then I got to cutting and sewing


And these three fun blankets were created. All are backed with bubble dot minky in either mango and brown.

It turned out that I had a few scrap pieces left over so I also made 5 burp cloths to match, but I used organic cotton sherpa for the backing instead of minky.

Now that I'm done it makes me want to go Thrift Store shopping to see if I can find any old sheets that have She-Ra or Care Bears, etc. on them. How fun would that be?


  1. THESE. ARE. AWESOME. Make me want to head right to a thrift store to look for some gems like this, too. Care Bear sheets would be so rad!!

  2. This is great. I am doing the same thing with a He-Man sheet for my grandson. His dad grew up loving the Masters of the Universe. This wasy he can feel masculine while burping the baby and rocking him to sleep.
    I am glad to see a finished project and not just one in my head.


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