Happy First Birthday

We've made it, The Bubb is now officially ONE. Happy Birthday to my little man! It is weird to think of our lives without him now, he is such a good baby and we love him so much!

He is weighing 22.7 pounds (50th percentile) and is 31 inches tall (75th percentile). His head is 48.5 cm (95th percentile) which basically means he's like a bobble head! Let's see he now has 4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. I think that 2 more on top are coming very very soon, I just hope that they aren't as bloody as the other top two were...

He has a lot of energy and I mean a lot of energy. He likes to be going everywhere and anywhere, constant exploring. He likes to open and close our doors, and can go up the stairs. He can go down them too, he is really good at my parents house cause they are carpeted, but we have wood ones and I think it hurts his tummy so he typically stops at the 3rd step down and wants to be carried.

The Bubb isn't walking yet. He pulls up and scoots along everything. Once he figures out that walking is faster we'll be doing that instead! One of his favorite activities is looking out his bedroom window as he can see the busy street and loves to watch the cars as well as open and close the blinds, over and over and over again.

He is starting to learn cause and effect, mostly through his classic pop up toy when you push a button an animal pops up. He likes to dance to music and will make singing sounds when he hears someone else sing (like when I was catching up on my episodes of Glee) He likes to clap and most of all he loves his laugh, and I may be biased but I think his laugh is the best sound in the world. He babbles and likes to mimic us, not in words but in syllables. He is getting pretty close. We've tried to teach him "all done" when he is finished eating and is getting pretty good at it. The Bubb eats pretty much everything. We let him try whatever we are having (assuming that there isn't too much salt or sugar) but we want him to get a variety of things. I find it interesting that he loves his pickles, I guess he is taking after his mom. He isn't too big on cheese yet or perhaps he is taking after Evan on this one. But his preferences vary from hour to hour day to day so I should probably try that one again.

Emmett loves to read his books, well flip through him. He loves to turn pages and will happily sit on his own reading which just is fantastic. He also still loves to suck on his bath toys, he has moved on from the fish and is now obsessed with a penguin. His beak has to be pushed in. If it isn't and he sees it he will come across the room push it in and then go back to what he was doing. He's started organizing his stuff too, his favorite is to line up all my shoes and then pick out his favorite, typically the one with all the beads/stones stuck on it. The Bubb has also been interested in his box and passing toys back and forth. But he doesn't want to be inside to pass just on the outside.

He is still giving me two naps a day, although one tends to be shorter than the other and they vary back and forth depending on what we've been up to, etc. Anyway I am sure that I could go on forever about what wonderful things he is doing but I should probably stop :)

Happy Birthday little man!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! My son Harper just turned 6 months, it's funny how little they make for boys, we have a ton of the same blankets/clothes as Emmett or maybe just the same good taste! Glad there are mamma's out there making their own unique sheets/clothes/robes etc!

  2. Happy birthday Emmett! I've been thinking about you guys today. You're entering my favorite age! I'm jealous! :)


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