You Know What They Say About Big Feet...

Big Shoes! We finally got The Bubb a proper pair of shoes.

Up until now (yes his entire first year of life) he has either been barefoot or in socks, as well, I never found shoes that I liked, didn't see the point, or couldn't be bothered. But alas as he is standing so much now and when we are out in public, I feel like he needs to have shoes. You know, 'no shoes, no shirt, no service'. Although I hardly ever let him down on the ground in any store as he would just crawl away and the germ factor just is too much for me to take in. Anyway. We got him shoes. We were at Kohls spending our awesome free $10 gift card that we got in the mail. And had just picked out some new jams for him when we thought, hmmm, lets go look at shoes. And we found these. So cute.

I just can't explain how cute he is in them. We tried his foot on that mat thing and he is a size 5. That seems big to me. They are a little big on him but I figure this way they will last for you know a week or two :) Anyway we wore them today to Lowes where we were getting light bulbs. (must stock up now before they take away all the incandscent lights and replace them with awful florescent.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute shoes! I think Jacob was a size 5 WIDE when we got his first pair at 11 months, and I thought it was big too! Now he wears an 8W... the next size (at Stride Rite) is "Preschool Boys"!

  2. We have that same tshirt!! And his new kicks are seriously cute!!

  3. those shoes are adorable! and my son has the same pair of Gap shorts, haha :D


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