Hand Print Thank You Cards

My sister-in-laws always have their kids color and put stickers on their thank you cards that they send out. I don't know if this is a normal practice that parents do, but I LOVE it. However The Bubb is a little too young still to really be able to color or put stickers on something, just give him a few months :), so I wanted to do something and decided that he could stamp his hand on them. He loves to dab his palms in mustard when eating his turkey dogs so I figured that this is sorta the same thing but not with food.

I set up a big square of packaging/butcher paper on the floor (FYI this stuff is super cheap and super nice at your local hardware store - Lowes, Home Depot, OSH, etc. Instead of going to Office Depot and paying way more for the same thing but less of it and a lesser quality). Then I placed him in the middle of it.

Sorry there are no during pictures as I couldn't figure out how to take good pictures, keep him from crawling off with ink hands or trying to eat the note cards. The steps were pretty basic. Push hand onto ink pad (the ink pad I used came with some hand print/foot print kit as a baby being born gift). Press inky hand onto thank you card. Move card out of way before he can grab it with other inky hand. He actually liked it the first couple of times and then well got distracted. So I will just share the finished product.

Then I just added a little note and sent them off.

On another exciting note I've just finished my second bag and am waiting for the fog to clear out so that I can take some pictures of it later this afternoon. So excited to share it with you :)

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