Jessica's Gift

Even though the newest member of my husband's family has been around for a month or so now, I finally got around to making something for her :) But better late than never right?! Being the second of two girls I decided that she probably had way too much pink so I opted to use the Lil' Plain Jane Print in the yellow and gray motif, as it is super girly but not pink!

I made one bib out of the material and then decided it needed to be paired with another one so I made a second out of the Citron Dumb Dot and added a little appliqued flower on the front. I used white snaps as I prefer snaps over Velcro and since I'm making them...

Anyway so to match the two bibs I also made a blanket. And after I got it all packaged up it was on its way. I didn't tell them that I was sending them something so hopefully it will be a good Saturday surprise. Cause who doesn't like to get things in the mail!

I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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