Happy Campers Quilt

I actually made this a while back but just realized that I hadn't shared it with you. The baby blanket (or I guess it is a quilt, as it is quilted, I never know what the actual distinction is) is made with 3 fabrics from the Beach Mod collection by Birch Fabrics called Happy Campers, Tree Meadow and Medium Dot in Mineral. All just fantastic.

I have a ton of scraps of organic fleece and am constantly trying to think of ways to use it as I hate to waste it as it is super expensive, so I added some squares of this to the front too.

The back of course is made with organic sherpa. I love that stuff but unfortunately it is now out of print. I am a bit unhappy with Michael Miller for discontinuing their organic line but obviously I don't run the world so I will have to make do with out it but until then I am hoarding the bolt I have left for special projects only. (and yes my husband thinks that I am insane)

I top stitched it, as I don't think batting is necessary when using such a thick and heavy backing, so I stitched horizontal rows, alternating between two rows of stitches then four rows of stitches, to make it more interesting on the back.

I love these fabrics so much that I may have to make another one only with a different pattern. I don't know, I am having lots of conflicting thoughts. We'll see what happens!


  1. this might be the cutest fabric i've seen. i think i'd like it enlarged and framed. :) Love your combinations/ designs. thanks for sharing!

  2. That's a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on your fabric store! I'll keep it in mind!

  3. That's a great quilt -- I just love the pine trees and little campers.


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