Where to Find Cardboard Inserts For Fabric Bolts

So I've gotten asked a few times if I could give away my leftover fabric bolt cardboard inserts from the fabric that I sell so that they could use them to put their larger fabric stash quantities on. (and unfortunately since my home isn't a commercial front I can't start having people I don't know over - not that everyone isn't a nice person ;) but you know it is my home, so I've had to say no). So I've just advised them on where to find some.

BUT I realized that maybe others would be interested in knowing where I used to get mine and that they are FREE!

I used to go to Joann a lot. And I mean a lot, like I knew the staff rotations and when to go to get the 'good' cutters and fast cashiers. Anyway. At one point I started talking to them, I think I happened to be there about 5 minutes before they closed and was telling them about storing fabric etc, and they offered me all their left over cardboard bolt inserts from the evening. Score! So I walked out with about 10 of them and happily bolted my fabric at home (this was before I started buying wholesale myself and was buying in bulk from online stores).

So if you are wanting to bolt some of your larger quantities of fabric, probably 2 plus yards, I highly recommend going to a Joann type store and asking if you can have the ones they are throwing (hopefully recycyling) out. They never reuse them. Clearly you probably won't get lucky if you go in the middle of a Saturday and ask them with 20 people behind you waiting to get fabric cut, but if you get them alone, typically at night, then you can score a bunch of them. I did it a bunch of times and it made my life SO much easier. Plus fabric looks super pretty all bolted on your shelf! Or you could probably also cut them in half and make minibolts out of them or of course build roadways for little people :)


Camp Sur Patchwork Cheater Quilt

From far away this patchwork quilt might look like I put all these squares together, but I didn't :) It is a cheater patch, called Camp Sur Patch by Birch Fabrics. (this fabric sold out super quick and its not surprising as it is super cute!)

Anyway. I got asked to make a baby quilt with this particular fabric.

We decided that organic cotton sherpa by Michael Miller would be best for the back, batting was requested and then of course it needed quilting to keep everything in place. Really liking how I did the quilting on this quilt, it was decided to do the same on this one, making it seem even more like a patchwork.

I am seriously in love with this quilt and really really really didn't want to send it away :( I love the weight of the sherpa with batting inside, definitely what The Bubb is going to get for his new big boy bed (whenever we get around to getting that but of course, like always, we have a problem. The bed we were going to get is no longer being made. Sigh. All other beds in the universe, I of course don't like and will never live up to the bed I originally wanted. Plan B is toddler bed, as I found one that I LOVE but we weren't going to do a toddler bed for various reasons but are now thinking that maybe we'll just do that instead. Anyway.)

So excited for the new little one to get his quilt! Happy Friday everyone :)


Moulding Choices

Decisions. Decisions. As you all know I routinely complain about my lack of decision making surrounding the baseboard topic. I just don't know what I want and I realize that once it is installed I most likely won't notice it ever again. But I have a few concerns. I want chunkier baseboards but this creates two problems. One: Our door frames are super skinny from the 70s. So they won't meet up properly. Does this mean that we have to get new door jams? Or can we just replace the frame with a thicker one? Two: Thick baseboards could be problematic for furniture that we put in. Although all the furniture that is going in most likely won't be affected by this. (and we are most likely going to be getting all new doors anyway, so perhaps the time is now to deal with that while we are dealing with the door frame/moulding situation)

We went to a new moulding store and I must say that I was in heaven. Lots and lots of choices. So this is what we came back with. I really really really like the super tall fat one (far right one above) BUT it does not work downstairs (or probably anywhere in this house. Next house I guess, ha.) We both really like the shorty fat one (second from the left above/below) but that is one of the ones that could create furniture problems. So we are researching about door frames and that may or may not make the decision for us.

(on a side note, look at the lovely new recessed outlets Evan started installing over the weekend. Getting closer to being 'done')


2 Years on Etsy

It is extremely hard to believe that it has only been 2 years that I've been selling on Etsy. The time sure went by quickly! We were a little curious last night so we tried to determine just how many items I've made for others over the past 2 years. And here are the totals*:

- 1,808 Baby Burp Cloths
- 1,114 Baby Blankets
- 1,069 Baby Bibs
- 58 Baby Quilts 
- 26 Crib Sheets
- 18 Changing Pad Covers
- 9 Pillows
- 4 Crib Bumpers
- 3 Embellished Onesies
- 3 Playmats
- 2 Drool Pads
- 1 Crib Skirt

* we are probably off a little bit here and there because I do make things on the side  (for those who approach me off of etsy and well we are human and it takes a while to count all of this and we started to go cross-eyed)

Overall selling on Etsy has been a good experience and I have made a couple of really good friends from it, which I love, and it has turned my hobby into a full time business which I love even more because I get to stay home with The Bubb. (Of course looking at these numbers makes me think that I need to start looking into hiring a staff :) we'll see. And it also explains why my husband, kiddo, family and friends haven't really seen much of me in the past two years.) But a huge thank you for all the support over the past 2 years and for keeping those, I think she's crazy comments to yourselves, particularly when you can see that I haven't slept, eaten or showered for multiple days in a row...
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