Marine Quilt

Can it be almost a  year later that I have finally finished this quilt? I purchased the fabric (Marine Life Collection by Dan Stiles, 100% organic cotton) last February and then tried to make a quilt here, but it didn't work out so I made a lovey, as a temporary compromise with myself. Well a few weeks ago, I decided something HAD to be done so I made it into a patchwork with 6" squares, usually my squares are 5" after sewing as it makes the math easier :) I thought a slightly bigger square would be better this time as the print is so big.

So excited by the bright colors! For the back I used organic cotton sherpa by Michael Miller, as it is super thick and then I don't have to add batting. The Bubb loves sherpa, he has another blanket with farm animals on it and it is now his "go to" blanket over everything else, and we decided it is because he likes the weight/feel of the sherpa.

I quilted two rows on either side of the patchwork lines and I love how the back looks this way.

I think that I might give it to him for Christmas, although he'll probably enjoy the box more :)

I hope everyone's last minute projects are coming together!


  1. I am obsessed with this quilt!! How much of each fabric did you use?

    1. Hi :) I used 'scraps' to make it, but each square is 6x6 inches (finish size was 30x36)so you could probably get away with a quarter yard of each print? Hope the helps!

  2. Hi, your quilting is amazing! How are you able to quilt without getting any puckers or fabric overlapping on a turned blanket? Do you just work from the middle and smooth out as you go?? I love the look of your quilts!

    1. You're so kind! I don't really have a secret...I guess just make sure that it is perfectly flat before you sew the two layers together before you flip, otherwise it won't be flat when you topstitch/quilt after you turn...and I use a TON of pins :) Hope that helps and thanks!


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