The Lovey

Don't know what a lovey is, well neither did I until I started browsing on Etsy. It is just a cute name for a tiny blanket that you give to your kid to cuddle with...for naps, the car, etc. Sometimes mom or dad even sleep with it so that they smell like them.

I needed to practice "stitching in the ditch" for something I am working on and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to make The Bubb a lovey.

I used Dan Stiles Marine fabric (you know from the quilt that never happened) for the front, back, and the loops. I also inserted a piece of organic batting (this is where I practiced stitching in the ditch, as I only attached the batting to one side). I washed it a couple of times and the batting didn't move and there weren't any seams on the back, so mission accomplished!

The entire thing is organic with natural dyes so I really don't mind that The Bubb tries to eat it all the time. I added loops on two of the sides in order to attach it to the stroller or car seat at a later point, in hopes that it might keep it from not falling on the ground so much (ha!) I just love the submarines, whales, jellyfish and am so glad I finally found a use for this fabric!


  1. My son would LOVE this fabric. He has an obsession with all things "oceany"!
    Where did you find it?

  2. I just came on over to your blog from MADE. What a beautiful blog. I'm adding it to my blogroll now. Looking forward to perusing the rest. :)

  3. Hi Emily! (I tired to find your email in your profile but couldn't so I am just responding here...) I found them at www.fabricworm.com I am pretty sure you can buy it other places as well. There are more prints too in the collection :)

    Hi Erin, welcome! and thanks!!


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