Peeps For Everyone

Seeing that tomorrow is Easter I decided that we needed to get some Peeps, you know those yummy marshmallow creatures. So when I was at Target this morning I got some. And guess what, you can't just buy a pack of 4 anymore they come in packs of like 20. Anyway I am getting off topic.

Look at how yellow and friendly they are!

And you just can't help but taste them.

After I got them home I decided that I needed to make something springy for The Bubb. I was originally thinking of doing some sort of banner/bunting for his room but then decided to just make a big yellow Peep. I briefly searched around and found a simple pattern on Made. I printed out the one she had and decided it wasn't big enough so I free handed around it to make it much larger on some yellow fleece I had left over from a changing pad.

I doubled over the fabric right sides facing and stitched on the outline that I drew. I then turned the peep right side out and stuffed in some polyfill. I then hotglued the button face on. Obviously if I had been thinking I would have sewed the buttons on BEFORE I stitched him together. Oh well. The Bubb was very interested in the button face but I am going to have to be really watchful so he doesn't get them off!

Since I am talking about candy I thought that I would share my absolute favorite. The See's Bordeaux Egg. Easter just isn't that same with out it.

Just blogging about it makes me want to have some but I will try very hard to wait for tomorrow :)


  1. Cute Kristina! And ohhhh. I am SOOOOO jealous of that bordeaux egg!! My favorite EVER. But we don't live near sees anymore. I guess that's a good thing :)


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