Here's To Another 100,000 Miles

Well for those of you who are always curious about my car's mileage, she has now reached 100,000! We took her on her "senior" voyage to Santa Cruz last weekend. My little 4-cylinder 1994 car is still as peppy as it was when I first started driving her, but of course the years are starting to take a little toll! Here we are documenting the occasion:

Our first stop on our trip was to a fabric store, Harts Fabric. I had never been to this particular one and wanted to check it out. Although there store has a great selection I would not recommend them as they do not seem to take care of their materials (holes and stains). Its too bad as I prefer to buy locally.

Anyway we also went to the beach and let The Bubb put his feet in the water and he really didn't care for it, but then again I can't blame him as I didn't want to stand in it either!


We also played in the sand a bit.

And yes we may have tasted some of the sand:


But I think that we will be back as we enjoyed relaxing with the wind in our hair and sand on our feet.

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