Upcycled Baby Blanket

I got asked to make a custom baby blanket and the idea was so awesome that I thought I would share it! It turned out so fabulous. The idea? Make a patchwork blanket backed with a bridesmaid dress. Totally cool and unique. The dress and a well used chenille blanket were mailed to me and I added some squares from the Hullabaloo collection by Urban Chicks for Moda and created this beautiful patchwork baby blanket.

Because the dress had seams on it, obviously, I cut it so it would resemble sort of sun rays on the back, I just love the little detail so you can see that it was obviously a dress or skirt at some point! I cut squares from the chenille blanket that would create unique textured pattern and pieced them together with the Hullabaloo fabric.


Since we wanted this blanket to be modern, it was decided that ties were really not appropriate, but we still wanted to use batting but keep the batting in place when it is washed. The solution was to stitch in the ditch to attach the batting to the patchwork and then attach the back of the blanket to the patchwork, flip and then top stitch.

I love the weight of the blanket and how different looking it is from other baby blankets! It is definitely my favorite piece that I have made for someone. And the mom I was making it for is just such a cool and fun person and I am so glad that Etsy was able to introduce us. It was such an awesome experience!

Now I am having thoughts to make a quilt out of my wedding dresses, with plum, black, white and cream colored Kona. We'll see if I get there!


  1. WOW, i love it! such beautiful colors- i want one too! ;)
    thanks for sharing! oh, and i'm impressed with how straight and even your squares are- you must measure and all that! :) ha!


  2. Love this! I need to make myself a blanket. Or at least finish the sad crooked quilt I started in college...

  3. I would love to see your version of the upcycled wedding dress! The ones I've seen online don't quite inspire me to want to take scissors to my gown.


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