Viewfinder Pillow


Well I am still working on decorating The Bubb's room and I have just finished the first pillow! Yeah! I have secretly been wanting some of this Viewfinder in Blue fabric from the Ruby Star Rising Collection by Kokka, so when Evan said he liked it when we were at Hart's fabric, I finally got to get some :)

I have had some pillow forms sitting around for a while and just haven't had the time to get started. But yesterday I had an hour or so to work on something for "us" so I decided to seize the moment. I selected the 14" square pillow form, really it turned out to be 14" x 15" and figured out how I was going to construct the pillow case. I was going to do a zipper, but then decided I wanted to try the overlap slot in the back instead. I cut the front to be 14.75" by 15.75" and then cut two pieces for the back, each measuring 15.75" and since I only had a half yard of fabric, I think it turned out to be about 8.5 inches the other way. (I didn't actually measure). So I fold over one edge of the 15.75" by 8.5" piece (I folded the 15.75" side) by about 3/8 of an inch and pressed it down. I did this to the second 15.75" by 8.5" piece too. Then I sewed  it down to create a hem so the fabric wouldn't fray.


For some additional interest I bought a piece of canvas strap (not sure the name) but it is found with all the fun ribbon/lace/piping/etc. that is cut by the yard at the store, to attach to one side of the pillow.

I positioned it on the large piece of fabric (the front) and sewed it down. From here I just pinned the three pieces together right sides facing. Then stitched all the way around, flipped, and was done. I put the pillow in to try it out and it amazingly fit. So excited!



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