Baby Room Makeover

Ever since I finished decorating the family area, I've been working on redoing the Bubb's room, as we really didn't do very much to it before he was born, mostly cause we moved here the month he was born, so there wasn't a ton of time.

It isn't done yet, but the painting and furniture arrangement is finished. I just need to hang some pictures, make some pillows and do a few other fun things that I have planned.


The blue tape on the walls is when I was figuring out the stripe height I wanted. I used Frog Tape to make the stripes on the wall (you know the green masking tape). The paint is called Coastal Jetty, and I chose it in the parking lot at Lowes. Evan decided that I should just go with what I want instead of questioning myself for the next week and then coming back to this color. So back into the store we went.

Welcome to The Bubb's new room:

It took a while for us to settle on a rug for the room. Since there is no carpeting in our place, I decided that we had to have something plush for his room to play on, roll on, etc. So we got this one! And we are loving it! The Bubb seems to like it too...

I finally am able to wrestle a shirt onto him and this is what happens:

So I distract with toys

until I can get some pants and socks on him!

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