One Calendar, Two Years of Use

Some background. I love love LOVE this calendar by Snow and Graham that I got for myself for 2010.

However due to lack of planning and general laziness I didn't get around to thinking about getting one for 2011 till after 2011 started, i.e. the first week of January when I tried to flip over my calendar. So I tried to find one. After many store searches and looking at various places online, everywhere was sold out or didn't stock them anymore. :( So in protest (and maybe some moping) I just left my 2010 calendar up but put it on January and the days were just off. Well sometime in early February I decided to just cover the days of the week over with new days made out of the sticky portion of post-it notes.

And from far away you can't really tell that they are post-it notes.

At the end of February Evan commented that I had finally found my 2011 calendar and had not mentioned to him that I had gotten it. (Apparently my moping had an impact??). So I was so excited for two reasons. One, my post-it job looked pretty good and TWO he actually noticed!

Since today is March 1, and I was flipping over the calendar again and had to make some new days of the week anyway (I wanted them to match a little better, than reusing the ones from February) I thought I would share. So here is March:

So this is my very quick (2 minute) project of making a calendar last for one more year. (And so far having Saturday and Sunday up against the right hasn't thrown me off) Hope everyone is having a good day!


  1. Hi Kristina, mu Mum has done this for years except that she just flips the calendar over to the month that the days match up with the current month. This way she has the days in the 'normal' order but the month on the top of the page might be wrong :)

  2. Hi! I didn't even think of that...I've also seen people just take out the pictures in calendars (if they are of scenery, etc.) and frame them for the wall :)


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