6 Months Old

Guess who's six months old now? Half a year sure goes by quickly. Sorta sad actually that he is no longer a tiny newborn :( He is getting so big. Weighing in at 16 pounds 10 ounces and is 2 feet and 7.5 inches tall. His head is 44.5 centimeters. Which puts him in the 30th, 75th and 75th percentiles respectively.

What's new with him? Well The Bubb can roll over in all directions and can turn 360 degrees around either on his tummy or his back, in order to get things that interest him. He is super interested in everything that we do and especially drink. I guess it is really the container that he is interested in. He LOVES to watch me eat yogurt. The world stops when the yogurt comes out. He has just started blowing raspberries. Typically his whole face will be covered in spit and he puts his arms out like he is on a motorcycle. Its actually pretty adorable.

The Bubb can sit on his own for a little bit but I am not brave enough to take pictures of him doing it without Evan around, so perhaps I can get some this weekend. But in the mean time I did take some of him in a bowl. We took some photos of him in the same bowl when he was 2 weeks old:

And now here he is at 6 months! Doesn't even look like the same baby! He was so tan!!

We've been feeding him "adult" food for a couple of weeks now. Everything so far has been homemade. He eats oatmeal cereal, avocados and bananas. He loves bananas. So tonight I am going to make barley cereal and put a little banana into it. He's been a really good eater so far! But I do realize that these things can change quickly!! He is still going to his swim lessons and the past few sessions have been really good. He got to be on a kickboard last time, so that was pretty fun. He loves story time and pays attention really well. I am totally impressed by this! Anyway I could go on about how much we love and adore him but I'll wrap it up and just give you a few more pictures (sorry couldn't choose between them and he climbed into the bowl all on his own, I just put it in his lap).

For previous months about The Bubb see here.

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