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I don't win things, in fact if I have a 50/50 odds I won't get it, just how it is. But it doesn't stop me from trying (although I don't play the lottery). And it isn't just in winning, it carries over to everything, not being in stock, having to go to another store, being stopped at security, can't find your reservation, oh you need to pay more for that, being slightly damaged, you just missed it, etc. So we've just learned that when something needs to get done smoothly to let Evan do it, as he typically has pretty good luck/karma/whatever with things, and it makes our lives a lot easier!

So I am super excited to share that I actually won something!!! Dana from MADE, is doing a Celebrate The Boy month, as boys really get the short stick when it comes to cool craft and sewing ideas, and they have been doing some giveaways. I entered one of them and I won! What did I win you ask, this pretty cool toy log cabin set from House 8810.

Although The Bubb is a little young to play with it, the bigger boy in the house has built it for him and as you can see babyzilla tore it down pretty quick!

So I think it might have to wait till he is bit bigger but that is okay! We have set up on his bookshelf until he is able to move freely and then we'll have to put it away until he doesn't want to eat everything he touches :)

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  1. oh it's so cute to see it "in person". Cute pics! And congrats on winning.
    Btw, I'm really love your site and photos--and of course your cute little guy. I'm glad I found you through the CTB giveaway! :)
    - Dana


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