Minky Baby Blanket with Batting

I thought I would share how I add batting to a simple cotton and minky baby blanket that is made by turning, rather than adding binding around the edges.

After cutting out the front and back fabric to the size you need, just layer the three pieces together: top fabric (face down), minky (face up) and batting. I put them in that order from top to bottom so that I can follow the edge of the top fabric when I'm sewing. Pin the three layers together and sew, using the top fabric as your guide and leaving a hole to turn. After they've been sewn, trim off the excess.

Then turn the blanket and the batting will be on the inside.

From here I trim the batting to be even with where the "edge" of the blanket will be. Then I fold up the minky to cover the batting (that way when I top stitch it will get sewn down) then I fold the top fabric under as well and pin closed.

Then I just top stitch all the way around, which closes up the hole and secures that little bit of batting.

Since batting shifts easily in the wash and bunching is never welcome, I quilt it. I figure out where I want my quilt lines, you can do it as heavily or as lightly as you want/need to fit your style.

Then I stitch down the rows. This pattern was easy to quilt but if the pattern is more random I make lines to follow and in this instance I chose to use a walking foot. I've done it without the walking foot and it was fine but it does make it easier due to the thickness with the batting.

All done!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. I love your blankets - you always have gorgeous fabric choices!

  2. Love you're blanket!! I was just wondering if you remember what type or brand of batting you used? Thanks :-) Kate

    1. I typically use an organic cotton/bamboo batting by Naturefill (i think it is made by fairfield?). I also use a hiloft batting for thicker blankets by Softncomfy. Both can be found at Joann and I get them with a 40-50% off coupon unless I want something more specific and then I get it from a quilt store but they generally don't share what brand of batting as it is off a large roll (and I think it is mostly like the same manufacturer anyway, just costs more!) Hope that helps :)

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial as I have tried several times (unsuccesfully) to make blankets with minky fabric. How did you manage to get your fabric squared so that it didn't pull over one side of the fabric. I find that my blankets never quite look like the fabric is perfectly pulled. Hope that makes sense.
    I have a feeling its because the minky fabric is stretchy and the cotton isn't?

    1. Hi :) Make sure that the minky and cotton are both completely flat when you pin them and use A LOT of pins, like every inch and then it should be flat after you sew. If it starts bunching when you are sewing it won't be flat when you finish...umm what else could help, a higher quality minky does make all the difference, JoAnn minky is harder to sew with in my experience...hope that helps. But yes you are right it is because the minky stretches and the cotton doesn't.

  4. Thanks so much for this tutorial im going to make my baby #3 due soon one. Im in australia and its hard to find shepra can you use polar fleece instead? I want to make one with minky and shepra backing

  5. Hi
    Thanks for this tutorial im going to make my soon to be bub #3 one but just wondering instead of mibky could you use a polar fleece? Im going to make one of each backing


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