Piiiiiiig. The Bubb likes his pigs. While at Target, I was headed down the toilet paper aisle and stopped to compare prices of the different sized packages, cause one the medium sizes was on sale so I was trying to quickly figure out which was the better deal. During this time Emmett starts to chant, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig. And I am thinking, okay my kiddo has lost it. Well better this than screaming, etc. So I turn to look at him and he points to the shelves behind me and says PIG. And you know what he was right. There were 50 pigs looking right at us.

Apparently Target tissue brand decided it would be fun to put animals on tissue boxes, so there were cows, sheep and most importantly pigs. So I hand him a box and he hugs it and starts stroking the face saying pig, pig, pig. So I add another to the cart, grab the toilet paper, and head towards the check out. He did not let go of his pig box until he got into the carseat. Silly boy.

He doesn't find it as fascinating as he first did but he still likes it. And weirdly he isn't overly obsessed with pulling out all the tissues, so lucky me on that one :)

But it is pretty cute and now I like to randomly call out "pig" to Evan while watching TV if the box is the family room and it happens to catch my eye.

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