Aside from shop orders, not a lot of sewing going on in these parts. Mostly cause I keep finding other things to do, for instance... Evan and I recently 'discovered' Downton Abbey and have been watching multiple episodes every evening. It is fantastic!

We are half way done with Season 2 and last night around 6:30 we just looked at each other and said why can't he go to bed now? we need to watch!

We've also been to the aquarium and The Bubb seemed much more interested than usual, which was good.

And we had our random celebrity sighting, Alton Brown

I took The Bubb to the zoo yesterday with a friend and although he was his typical Bubb self, not so interested in the animals and more interested in running around, he was super intrigued when the hippo came up for air in his pool, so that was fun. I wish I had taken some pictures! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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