Not really sure why but I wanted to see if The Bubb could use tongs as it requires a bit of coordination. So I got them out and selected some "fruit" for him to grab. I wanted it to be something that he was interested in (aside from cars) but would also be easy to grab. So we tried it out. I showed him how to do it, picking up each one slowly and explaining you need to squeeze and then putting them in the bucket. Then we did it together, me with my hand on his showing him to squeeze, two or three rounds, each time I tried to help less. Then I let him do it and after about 2 more rounds he was getting the hang of it but quickly lost interest and wanted to get back to his trucks.

So when Evan got home I told The Bubb to go show Dad what you learned. And of course he does all 5 fruit into the bucket in about a minute, like it was super easy! Dad was quite impressed. Evan also taught him to say cowabunga and it is super adorable! I am trying to get him to add dude to the end but it hasn't happened yet. We've been trying to get it on video but he won't say (or do) things when there is any type of camera around him. Silly boy. Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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  1. What a great idea! The tongs really work gross motor skills!


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