The Bubb is obsessed with cars. Actually that should read anything with wheels. All toy vehicles (including trains), real life cars, strollers, push carts, shopping carts, etc. And now that we know that he likes them so much we can't help but buy him (and people give him) things that have wheels so we have a lot of vehicle type toys.

So when I was browsing pinterest (I think it was on pinterest) I saw this cardboard box that a mom had cut out tunnels on and thought that The Bubb might like something similar. So. I made this:

I made it from a large amazon box and just cut off the flaps. Then I cut tunnels in the sides and corners. I made it while he was awake and he was super interested in what I was up to, especially since I kept taking one of his trucks to measure the openings. Once he saw what they were for he became kinda a pain as he wouldn't stop playing while I was trying to cut all the rest of the holes cause he wanted the box on the ground and well I was holding it up to cut. From there I added two ramps. One smaller and one bigger. They are made from leftover fabric bolts and I just duck taped them on. Then to make it a little flashier we had some of this checker duck tape on hand so I lined the tunnel openings with it and the ramps. He was super stoked. And I am pleased to say that he is still playing with it (45 plus minutes of focused activity at a time) three days later. Whoo-hoo! Even if this only lasts for a week it is a winner in my book!

Lining his cars all up...he can't have them any other way.

Other Bubb things of interest:

We (I mean Evan) made the mistake of drawing Babo on his Doodle Board and Emmett fell in love with it. One of his favorite things is to "erase" the drawings. So it got erased by accident. So I had to redraw it. Now instead of wanting to draw he just points and says Babo, runs to get his friend and then lays it on top of picture Babo and then he lays on top of real Babo. Silly silly boy.

A shipment of boxes came in the other day (for mailing purposes) and Emmett is all about the boxes of course. But was so curious about the plastic straps that hold them in place. He kept taking the ends and sticking it in between the layers of boxes. Over and over and over again. I didn't want to interrupt his fun especially when it kept him really entertained. So I let him go at it. I am thinking that I might make holes in the box above (or another box) and see if he'll do the same with pipe cleaners (less dirty and a little more safe). Anyway here he is keeping busy:

doesn't it remind you of one of those switchboard operators?

Off to get some cutting done before he gets up for his nap!

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