Fabric Friday

For a few weeks now I've been toying with the idea of having a bit of structure to my blog and doing "Fabric Fridays" where I select a fabric that I am in love with at the moment and share it with you - cause we all love fabric :) So when I went on and started to type up this post, I searched Fabric Friday and guess what, well maybe you already know cause you read those blogs, but this is not a new idea. Quite a few blogs have this, and why not, great alliteration and everyone loves fabric so it makes sense. So I am joining the bandwagon this week...

I've had this particular fabric around the house for a few weeks (hmm has it been a month?) now and just haven't had time to make something with it. It is called Gems in Ocean by Patricia Bravo for Art Gallery. It is soooo lovely. I am not typically one for overly girly fabrics but instead go for a cleaner modern vibe but this fabric just kept calling out to me and I finally just got it. And it is even more beautiful in person.

The hues of blue and purples are just stunning. I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but it would make a lovely quilt or maybe a bag liner (as it isn't canvas and I prefer my bags canvasy). The interesting thing about this fabric is that it is a different texture than other fabrics I have from say Robert Kaufman or Michael Miller. It is softer somehow, feels more luxurious, it says Premium Cotton on the selvedge but what does that really mean? It sorta feels like organic fabric from Birch.

Anyway, I also got these fabrics to go with it (obviously I was thinking quilt at the time) and I love them all too, they are all part of the Bazaar Style Collection.

 I hope everyone is having a good Friday! Happy sewing, fabric shopping or hanging out by a nice warm pool :)


Hello Toes, So Nice to See You Again

It finally occurred to me as I was walking on the bottoms of my around-the-house pants (aka lounge/super comfy pants and sometimes going to get the mail pants) last night, that I could actually DO something about it. I've made pants for The Bubb but it never actually occurred to me that I could finally fix some of my clothes with my new found sewing "skills".


Yes there are toes hidden in there! The process was pretty easy. First I looked inside the bottom cuffs and looked at what there was. Serged and folded. Pretty simple.

I cut the bottoms off. I sorta measured where I wanted them and then just went for it and cut the bottoms off. I did follow the every so slight curve of the bottom of the pants.

Then because well I was too lazy to get the serger out AND because I don't have gray serger thread, only white at the moment, I decided to just zigzag stitch on the edges so that it wouldn't fray. Then I folded it over (didn't iron or pin...see lazy) and just stitched on top of my zigzag to make my hem. Then on the outside of the pants I did another topstitch to make it look fancy like the original pants did. After a good washing (and perhaps I could have ironed for the pictures) it will look just as good as when I got them at the store :)

Problem SOLVED:

So for those wondering why I have pants this long...well I was at Macy's and I saw these pants in the clearance section for $5, marked down from $120. Yes $120. CRAZY who would buy yoga/lounge/jammy pants for that much? Anyway, I didn't see anything wrong with them so I got them. And that is why they were too long and perhaps why no one else wanted them. Should have hemmed them a long time ago :)


A Clean Slate

In order to push through some well, lets just say negative and just annoying, experiences the past few weeks I decided that I needed to have a clean slate to inspire new creativity and some positive energy. To accomplish this I brought out Leon for his usual daily cleaning but was way more thorough than normal. The Bubb loves him, he likes to turn it on for me and then follow us around as all his lovely piles of string and dust get cleared away. Silly boy.

Then I cleaned off my work space, sorted and put my fabrics away, replaced my sewing machine needle, cleaned it out, and just got reorganized so that I can clear my mind for new projects that I have planned and to well, just have a fresh start. I also sorted my pins.

Here's to a new beginning and the projects that a clean slate can inspire :) Happy Tuesday everyone, and I hope you are all having a good week so far!


Another Round of Bibs

I am so excited that I got to make some baby bibs with these fantastic ring fabrics from the Metro Living Collection. I love the colors and how bright they are. On a small scale they are just perfect!

I made a set of 5, one of each color and I used metal snaps for the closure.

Okay so maybe I took a few too many pictures. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


I ♥ Polka Dots

Maybe you've noticed but I am mildly obsessed (okay maybe that is an understatement) with polka dots. I love them. I just can't get enough. I am always attracted to stripes too but polka dots, I just can't help myself. I have been drooling over these for a while now and I finally just purchased them, as Fabricworm is having a 15% off sale. I was actually going to get them in both color ways, white background and colored background. Or maybe just pick one, but my decision was made for me as the white background set was out of stock :( But hopefully there will be another time for those!

And no I don't have a project particularly in mind, but they are definitely inspiring me to come up with projects to use them! Perfect for lining or a quick patchwork square here or there. Just so many ideas. In case you're interested, they are by Kei Japan and called Honeycomb, Solid Ground. Just so happy, they make me smile just looking at the pictures (see mildly obsessed).


A Blanket and Pillow for Jack

I made this pillow and blanket for a fantastic woman that I have met on Etsy, who also has a fun blog, its too bad that we don't live in the same city as I know that we would get along. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing what I've made!

Her son's name is Jack so we decided to have his name on the front of the minky blanket with some stripes.

And then a matching stripe on the pillow.

So bright and so fun for her toddler. Perfect for those afternoon naps. I hope he likes it, she told me that he helped pick out the fabric :)


Free Slurpees at 7-Eleven

Today is July 11, or 7-11, and that means free slurpees and 7-Eleven. Yeah! So we got some. We got cherry on the bottom and coke on top. They are in these cute little cups that are 7.11 ounces. It is actually just the right amount of slurpee that you need! So if you have a 7-Eleven near you, definitely head out and pick one up :) Happy sugar day!


I Know, Yet Another Blanket

Okay so perhaps there are a few too many blankets running around our house right now for The Bubb but well I just can't help myself. And honestly, when I made this blanket it was to sell not to keep. I swear. So here is The Bubb's newest blanket. It is made with an organic fleece back (yes I am obsessed with Michael Miller's organic line...they are just so much more fantastic than anything else that I have found) and the front is made with Monaluna Organic Monaco Circles in Teal.

Now when The Bubb tires to eat the blanket that little voice in the back of my head is like, its okay, its pestiside free and has low impact dyes. And then he starts sucking on the tags of one of his toys. Oh well. At least my mind is at peace for a few seconds.

Yeah for Fridays and I hope everyone has a good weekend :)


Happy 4th of July

Okay it isn't the 4th anymore but I thought I would share a little of our day with you. After eating our breakfast The Bubb went to inspect the flowers with Grandpa.

And then we all headed outside to watch the parade in my parent's neighborhood. Each street does a float and then they wind through the neighborhood with people sitting out on their front lawns and on the curb.

The theme this year was US Cities. Not sure how Gotham is a US City but still the float was pretty good. I think that everyone just wanted to have a batman shirt :)


These girls were part of the Las Vegas float, pretty fun dresses, I was wondering if they made them, but I have the feeling that they are store bought.

They also had a motorcycle cop, firetruck and ambulance. The Bubb was entranced by the whole thing, being his first parade and all.

Then we had lunch, sat outside on the deck, played games, splashed in some buckets of water, and tried out our new push bike.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July!


10 Months Old

My little guy is no longer so little :( It is going by so fast! He is currently weighing around 20 pounds and is 30 inches tall. He has two bottom teeth now and I think some top ones are on the way (well they are all on their way, but it seems like those will be next). What else...he isn't walking yet, or even really trying. He'll scoot along the edge of the sofa but doesn't seem to want to "walk" anywhere and we've tried holding him up by his arms and he won't have it, he just collapses and lets you drag him :) Which is okay, if he isn't ready that is fine! I can handle crawling for a while longer.

He is really good at going up stairs, not so good going down, but he doesn't seem to be too interested in anything that involves going in reverse. Forwards only. He has rediscovered playing in the curtains and LOVES it. He has the most adorable little laugh so of course we try to get him to laugh all the time. He claps at random when he seems pleased with himself or wants your attention and will wave, although he typically will only wave to me or at himself in the mirror. He is constantly babbling and definitely has things on his mind!

The Bubb is down to 2 naps a day now, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I try to get them to last 2 hours each, usually I get it but not always. We've lined up his meals to be more with normal people feeding hours and he is eating pretty much everything. He is getting really good at picking up stuff off his tray, which of course translates into him trying to eat all the fabric fuzz off the floor (he is so fast!) so at least he is getting some fiber.

We love him so much and he is such a good little Bubb.

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