I Know, Yet Another Blanket

Okay so perhaps there are a few too many blankets running around our house right now for The Bubb but well I just can't help myself. And honestly, when I made this blanket it was to sell not to keep. I swear. So here is The Bubb's newest blanket. It is made with an organic fleece back (yes I am obsessed with Michael Miller's organic line...they are just so much more fantastic than anything else that I have found) and the front is made with Monaluna Organic Monaco Circles in Teal.

Now when The Bubb tires to eat the blanket that little voice in the back of my head is like, its okay, its pestiside free and has low impact dyes. And then he starts sucking on the tags of one of his toys. Oh well. At least my mind is at peace for a few seconds.

Yeah for Fridays and I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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