Hello Toes, So Nice to See You Again

It finally occurred to me as I was walking on the bottoms of my around-the-house pants (aka lounge/super comfy pants and sometimes going to get the mail pants) last night, that I could actually DO something about it. I've made pants for The Bubb but it never actually occurred to me that I could finally fix some of my clothes with my new found sewing "skills".


Yes there are toes hidden in there! The process was pretty easy. First I looked inside the bottom cuffs and looked at what there was. Serged and folded. Pretty simple.

I cut the bottoms off. I sorta measured where I wanted them and then just went for it and cut the bottoms off. I did follow the every so slight curve of the bottom of the pants.

Then because well I was too lazy to get the serger out AND because I don't have gray serger thread, only white at the moment, I decided to just zigzag stitch on the edges so that it wouldn't fray. Then I folded it over (didn't iron or pin...see lazy) and just stitched on top of my zigzag to make my hem. Then on the outside of the pants I did another topstitch to make it look fancy like the original pants did. After a good washing (and perhaps I could have ironed for the pictures) it will look just as good as when I got them at the store :)

Problem SOLVED:

So for those wondering why I have pants this long...well I was at Macy's and I saw these pants in the clearance section for $5, marked down from $120. Yes $120. CRAZY who would buy yoga/lounge/jammy pants for that much? Anyway, I didn't see anything wrong with them so I got them. And that is why they were too long and perhaps why no one else wanted them. Should have hemmed them a long time ago :)

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