Little Red Bubb Pants

As you may recall I got a serger for Christmas and while it has been out of the box, I have been really intimidated by it. So I finally finished watching the videos, yes not one, but two videos, that came with it and reading the instruction manuals yesterday. I bought some fleece the other day to make Emmett some pants, and decided that this would work as a good first serger project. (I made the pants the same way I made these more or less) Although the fleece doesn't really fray so it wasn't really necessary and was a little too thick for a first project, but oh well!

It took about 20 minutes to change the thread. I cheated and just tied the old thread (it came threaded) to the new thread and pulled the threads through. (oh it uses 4 spools or cones at once) And amazingly it worked! I have A LOT to learn still. But I was able to put together some pants for him. I used a regular sewing machine to hem the pants and make the elastic waist band.

And here are some shots of The Bubb modeling them. Could this be the start of piggy nose?

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  1. Look at you! A regular pro now! :)
    I think that is the beginnings of piggy nose. I'm told it's genetic (and apparently Evan's was legendary). Thankfully Maddie grew out of it (but not before she wreaked a whole set of professional pictures)!


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