Swim Baby

Today The Bubb had his first swim lesson at the community pool. The "lesson" consisted of being in a circle with the other babies (4 to 18 months) and singing silly songs. We also practiced our kicking and blowing bubbles (which we had Evan do instead). He was pretty amused although slightly overwhelmed by the whole event, so I consider it a successful first swim!


  1. Wow your pictures are great. I guess it helps that you are beautiful people!! What kind of camera do you have. My pictures are always fuzzy!! Found your blog though Noodlehead (your comment on sewing machines)

  2. Hi Marilyn. Thanks! and thanks for stopping by! Umm for these pictures (Swim Baby) I used a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS in an underwaterhousing. We dive, that is why we have it, if curious here is the link to it:


    For the rest of the pictures on the blog I mainly use my Nikon D90.


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