Fabric Storage

After I get done ironing, I have a hard time folding the fabric back up and stashing it away, so instead I have been doing this to our furniture:

And while this solution worked for me, I (or maybe I should say we) decided that a better solution was needed, that way we can actually sit on all of our furniture. So of course I had a brilliant idea. (read: a project that requires Evan to use his power tools).

My solution: hang the fabric on a curtain rod. And as luck would have it we happen to have an unused curtain rod. Of course the curtain rod turned out to be too long for the wall. Grrr. So off I went to IKEA, again. Now I am able to hang up my fabric after I iron it! At some point, when my "studio" gets moved to the office, the curtain rod will get relocated, but for now it works just perfectly, meaning it is out of the way where we won't bump into it.

And the best part is that it covers the ugly fuse box.

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