My First Go At Painting

I am slowly trying to decorate each room of our new place, well I guess it isn't new anymore as we've been here almost six months, and it is a slow process. I started with the family room and decided that a big piece of artwork was needed to hang over the tv to draw attention away from it.

I looked for a while to find something to hang there and came up with nothing. So I thought I could just make something. We made a family trip to Michaels with a 50% off coupon and bought a 48 x 24 inch blank canvas.

Unfortunately it didn't fit in the trunk of our car or across the back seat, thanks to the carseat. So we sidewaysed it in the front seat then tilted it to be flat up against the ceiling resting on the seat headrests, making a cave over the carseat for The Bubb. He actually seemed to find it funny. [Yes the canvas is quite large, my back up plan was that if this became a complete disaster that I would just buy fabric and cover the canvas with that instead]

I bought some paint. I think I may have a problem saying no to items arranged by color (thread, fabric, paint, paper, ribbon, etc.)

Here is The Bubb checking out my selection:

It took me a few days but I actually found it pretty fun playing with the paint. Here is the before picture:

And here it is all hung up:

In addition I also bought some cute little bins on sale at Target to put some of The Bubb stuff in and some larger ones to stash movies in. I also reconfigured the IKEA blocks at this time to make the room more open.

When I was making pillows for this room, you might recall that it looked like this:

We bought some floating shelves, as you may have guessed, at IKEA. And then I just put some pictures on them.  The pictures are actually from a while ago so I am working on changing them out with some of our more recent trips, but there are just so many things to do!

Next stop is The Bubb's room.

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