The Rumors Are True

A couple of people have told me that IKEA sells fabric. And while I've briefly passed by the fabric section (found in the curtain area), I've never really stopped to take a good look. Until yesterday. They have some adorable fabric. Most of the fabric is canvas weight, so if you're in need of that, they have a huge selection of stripes, which we all know can be hard to find, along with a lot of canvas panels. Some of the fabric is precut and some you cut off the bolt. It is really reasonably priced too for what you get. I did take a stroll through the "as-is" section as apparently sometimes you can get lucky and find fabric there, but it wasn't meant to be. Although they did have a really nice leather sofa, which The Bubb and I sat on for a bit.

This is what I did end up getting. A really cute car/bus/truck/motorcycle print called Vitaminer Bil and a fun red hippo print (I think they are hippos) named Barnslig . My mind is spinning on what I can make out of these.

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