Surging Ahead in 2011

Yeah for 2011, although I can't imagine a better year than 2010 with the arrival of The Bubb. For a while I've been wanting a serger (or overlock sewing machine) to use on some of the sewing projects I've made and for some that I have planned but have been putting off due to the fact that I am lazy and don't want to zigzag for hours. Helping out with my new love of sewing my parents got me one for Christmas (and as a double bonus I don't have to do any research on them to figure out which one to get anymore).Yeah! So since Christmas it has been sitting around looking like this:

For whatever reason I have just been too scared to open it, as I don't really know how to use it. I've really just been putting it off. But tonight I decided it needed to come out of the box. So I did that.

Looks pretty fancy to me. And the best part is it comes with instructions! So I guess that will be my reading for the next couple of days...But now that it is out of the box it doesn't seem so scary. Here's to a fantastic year of new projects and a happy 2011.

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